Finishing Strong


I was surprised this morning to turn on my computer and see a blank screen. I guess that during the intermittent periods of my sleeplessness throughout the night I coined a word or two to include in a blog. Like the subtle irritation of a dripping faucet, the constant hacking of an incessant cough steals the restfulness of sleep and makes for a very long miserable night.

At some point during the night, I thought about the numbers of children who contracted whooping cough before a vaccine against pertussis became available. Whooping cough is also referred to as a 100 day cough. I can’t imagine coughing incessantly for over a three-month period. Actually, that’s not true, I can. Talk about a year of building memories. How would you ever eradicate the elongated memory of that experience?

Despite the fact that I feel mostly miserable, I am better today. I know that because my temperature has dropped to a low-grade fever. It was 102 degrees last night.

The General has been tracking the well-wishes, prayer support and suggestions for promoting better health that many of you have offered. She came back from the store yesterday with a myriad of things for me to add to my prescribed antibiotic and cough syrup.

The General has been remarkably supportive, but she has reminded me on more than one occasion that I am not helpless just because I’m sick. She has been kind enough to mostly refrain from suggesting that being sick is a natural consequence of the unhealthy lifestyle I lead (cheap shot) . She thinks I don’t get enough sleep, I am consumed with activity and I don’t balance my life with leisure. She even quoted a guy she worked with over twenty years ago who said, “If you don’t make the time to stay well, you’ll take the time to be sick”.

Actually, the General and I have opposing views on how much sleep a person actually needs. Now that she is “living the life of Riley”, she easily sleeps 8 hours a night. Somehow I manage to mostly function on half of that. I maintain that old people don’t sleep. Either that or they recognize that time is of such value that it can be put to better use than sleep.

I have gained much from writing my daily blogs. April 2 is the anniversary date of my first posting. I work in an industry that is required to have written documentation of any number of things. The regulatory agency that monitors our activities is clear, if it isn’t documented, it didn’t happen. It gives me a degree of satisfaction to know that I soon will have chronicled something from each day of my life for the past year.

At any rate, it is my goals to finish the year strong. That means I’ve got a lot of catching up to do by tomorrow.

All My Best!



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