Is A Picture Worth A Thousand Words?


I noticed this morning that the picture I included in yesterday’s blog received 55 likes.   It was a photo that included me pointing to Ron’s name on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.  Obviously the photograph effectively communicates a part of Ron’s story associated to both valor and patriotism.  There is no mistaking the symbolism associated to his name etched in black granite.

Who in our generation ever looks at “The Wall” without sentiment and being drawn to it with some kind of emotional connection?  In so many ways, the wall encapsulates a story that can’t fully be written.  The generational impact can’t be expressed in words.  Each time I’ve visited The Wall, I’ve noticed hand written notes left at the base with the name of a loved one clearly inscribed on the envelope.  Cut flowers and wreaths are often present.  Other mementos are scattered along the wall.  Perhaps most telling is the “hushed and respectful silence” that seems pervasively dominate.

When it comes to The Wall, a thousand words can’t begin to express the stories.  But each person who visits the wall also has their own story. Somehow their story is interwoven with the memories associated to a name or names etched in granite.

Have you ever had the sense that you’re not seeing the big picture? Yesterday a friend commented on the picture I posted.  He said, “I love the reflection of Treva, very heartfelt picture.”  I didn’t know what he was talking about.  Somehow I missed it.  He was right.  Treva’s  image is clearly visible to the right on Ron’s name.

So how did I fail to see the silhouetted image?  It is a question worth noting.  I wonder how many other things I miss because I fail to see the big picture.  Even the apostle Paul wrote, “For now we see through a glass darkly…”

Last night as I was driving into Houston, I exited the freeway to get something to drink.  I learned a valuable lesson.  “Never exit a freeway near road construction”.  Bottom line, once you get off, you can’t get back on.  I had the address of the hotel in my GPS.  The “route being recalculated” message was continuous.  The directions obviously had me going in circles.  I actually took a left hand turn knowing it was wrong, but wanted to see how the instructions would subsequently be “recalculated.”  If I had stayed the course and followed instructions, I’d be dizzy from driving in circles.

I’m back on track, but running a little late with today’s blog.  Is a picture really worth a thousand words?  Our previous director of communications at the office cautioned me often that 450 words should be the limit.  Okay, so I always pushed the envelope.  Today, I’ll stay with it.

All My Best!



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