A Word To The Wise


I was curious, but I didn’t ask. I wondered if the General read my blog from yesterday. I looked at the Facebook application on my iPhone before I got home. If she read the blog, she opted not to select “like”. On the other hand, how could she not like it? It obviously doesn’t happen often, but I opted to take the high road and eat an ample serving of crow.   I’d be the first to admit that I don’t always get it right. Consequently, I corrected the erroneous information previously posted related to the presence of dust or lack thereof under our sofa. Honestly, I sometimes wonder how I get into so much trouble. I guess some things just come easy for me. Any number of people commented that they saw the error of my ways when I posted the blog indicating we (okay she) doesn’t vacuum under the sofa. I guess I really do have STUPID tattooed on my forehead.

When I got home from work, the General made no reference to my blog. I asked about her day. She said she had gone to Weight Watchers. Of course she had, she is one of those “analytical process kinds” of people who takes delight in anything that’s complicated and includes counting points. Trust me, she’s not the type to exceed the allotted maximum number of point designated for any day. She sets the structure. She lives by the structure. She achieves the desired outcomes. She wonders about people like me who, for no apparent reason other than slovenly behavior, can’t quite get on board. Of course, Weight Watchers obviously works favorably for her. She’d be the last person anyone would think attends Weight Watchers because there is no apparent need.

Did I mention the General doesn’t always make it easy for me to stay the course when it comes to partaking in a healthy snack? I’m not the one who purchased an ice cream maker from Williams Sonoma. In anticipation of lots of folks in our home over the 4th of July weekend, the General opted to make “homemade ice cream” one of the features. I had no idea that making ice cream could be so easy. Consequently, she’s got the ice cream making down to a fine art. The best part of the process is that no one has to set on top of an ice cream freezer and turn a handle or keep it filled with ice and ice cream salt.

Last night the General asked, “Would you like strawberries and vanilla ice cream?” It was kind of a redundant question. It was like asking, “Does the sun come up in the east?” Of course, I wanted strawberries and vanilla ice cream. I also wanted chocolate syrup to pour over the top. It was good enough that I had two helpings. Delicious! I noticed that the General served herself a healthy supply of fresh strawberries and almost “no” ice cream. She did not opt for a second helping. I guess that substantiates that “opposites attract”.

At any rate, she went to Weight Watchers yesterday. She normally attends on Tuesday. I’m sure altering the day created some level of stress in her life. Once she gets a system down, she lives with the system. At any rate, she liked the Wednesday morning group better than the Tuesday morning group. Reportedly, there were more people in her age bracket.

Treva mentioned that the regular instructor was not in attendance and the guest speaker kept things interesting. She asked the group what obstacles served as barriers for them to stay on task and exercise. I should have seen it coming, but I didn’t. “Social media” was identified as a major threat to folks investing their time more wisely, exercising regularly and attending to important tasks.

I braced myself for what I thought was the onset to an “I told you so” kind of “if you’d only listen to me you’d make better use of your time” lecture. She opted not to go there. She didn’t expand on the perils of my wasting my time writing a daily blog. Miracle of miracles, I was off the hook. Maybe? Maybe not?

She went on to say that the instructor mentioned that she and her second husband opted not to be Facebook friends. After all, when you’re sharing life with a loved one, why do you need to connect through social media? At some point, someone communicated to the instructor that her husband was posting disparaging things about her on his Facebook page. He had been bold enough to remark, “I hope she’s gone by this time next year.”

It probably comes as no surprise, but the folly of his Facebook posting came back to haunt him. To say that his wife was a little more than incensed at his Facebook posting is an understatement. Once she became aware of the comment, she opted not to wait until the same time next year to leave. She was gone by the same time the next month. A wise man once wrote, “ People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the Lord” (Proverbs 19:3).

Did I mention the General is really clever? So did she tell me the story simply because the experienced filled a portion of her day and she thought it was interesting? I’m hoping “Yes” is the correct answer. Of course, there is an outside chance that I could opt to entitle this article as “A Word To The Wise.”

All My Best!



One thought on “A Word To The Wise”

  1. How do you do it Don? Manage to get yourself in trouble. Let me know if you figure it out. It could be helpful to me as well.


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