It Started Out As A Typical Morning – Most Days Do


It started out as a typical Saturday morning at our house. I awakened a few minutes before my alarm went off at 5:00 a.m. I’m not sure I’d characterize myself as a morning person, but I don’t want to waste the day. I typically get up early on Saturdays. Perhaps in predictable fashion, I incorporate the time to craft my blog. It defies logic, common sense and maybe even good judgment, but despite the gentle redirection I receive at home to do otherwise, I am not of the mindset to give it up.

Actually, I’ve started referring to my blog as a hobby. Several years ago, a new friend I’d met asked about my hobbies. Actually, he was looking for a golf buddy. It wasn’t me. I’m not a stranger to the concept of hobbies, but truthfully I didn’t have any. As I contemplated his question, I almost had a panic attack. Isn’t it true that healthy people have hobbies?  What would people think if they knew I wasn’t healthy?  I didn’t have any hobbies.

Historically, I used to play tennis regularly, refinish antique furniture, go to antique stores, devote time to the yard, look at open houses, rearrange furniture in our home on a quarterly basis and involve myself in a thousand other things. Add to that my need for people contact and I was on top of my game. I’m resistive to the notion that I’m not anymore, but my life if full. From my perception, it is full of good things. I literally try to find the adventure in every day and most often chronicle the experience.

One of the highlights for me yesterday was running into a man I worked with at twenty-five years ago. He was coming into the grocery store as the General and I were coming out. We exchanged hellos and he said, “I read your blog.” I had no idea he had been reading my blog. I actually didn’t even remember that we were Facebook friends. In typical fashion, I responded: “It’s mostly nonsense, but I’m having fun. Thank you for taking the time to read it.” He added, “You must spend a lot of time with it because you write very well. Besides that, your take on life is interesting. I’m enjoying it”.

I was grateful that the General heard firsthand that not everyone thinks my blog is meaningless. Despite her regular, “You’re wasting time” response when she discovers me at the computer, I don’t think she really believes that. If she really thought that, she’d never have designed and given me the “Carpe Diem!” needlepoint to hang in my home office for my birthday.

At any rate, yesterday morning around 7:30 the General emerged, looked into my office and asked, “Is that all you’ve done?” “Yes, I guess I could have been sleeping” was my response. Our tit-for-tat banter back and forth is just how we roll. She doesn’t let me get by with much and in like fashion, she’d have to hurry to catch up with me. I, too, have the ability to think on my feet.

I told her that I was going to go outside and enjoy the Jacuzzi while she was showering. No sooner had those words come out my mouth than I heard, “Well while you’re doing that, I hope you’ll carefully inventory all of the yard work that needs to be done in the back yard. It’s your job to come up with a plan.”   She may have thrown in the concept that “she is sick and tired of the way the back yard looks”, but I don’t want to put words in her mouth. She made her point.

I hate it when she’s right. The back yard needs help. It used to be a show place. Now it’s overgrown and needs an extreme makeover. I enjoyed the Jacuzzi regardless of the yard work I was neglecting. However, before mid-morning I found myself pulling weeds out of the small flowerbed that surrounds the small pond. If memory serves me correctly, it had been less than a month since I’d last gone through that same exercise.

The General had a rough start on her morning. Actually, she now looks like a victim of domestic violence. Again, the concept of “what will people think” is marginally on the periphery of my thoughts. Honestly, I’d never consider cold-cocking anyone, but the goose-egg on her forehead would look otherwise. Before she got out of the shower, she was bending over to use the squeegee on the floor of the shower and hit her head on the metal handle inside the shower door. That had to hurt. Just for the record, she thinks I’m the one who doesn’t pay attention.

As the morning wore on, we decided to go into Austin and see the movie War Room. Actually, by the time we got started into town, I feared we’d be late. The General wanted to stop by Michael’s. I opted not to go inside with her. I feared that she’d take at least thirty minutes looking at nothing, but I was wrong. She knew exactly what she wanted and was back in less than five minutes.

Actually, when we arrived at the theatre, there were only three cars in the parking lot. It felt a little strange going inside a very large, but empty building. On the other hand, we were thirty minutes early. Since we skipped lunch to get to the theatre, I succumbed to the lure of popcorn at the General’s suggestion. I was too frugal (the General would say cheap) to pay airport terminal prices for a drink. However, I bought one for the General. And for the record, we don’t share drinks or toothbrushes. We never have. Some couples do, we don’t.

The movie met my expectations. I really liked the persona of Mrs. Clara, an older woman who made no apology for knowing the important stuff. She reminded me of the General. Mrs. Clara met with a real estate agent to discuss selling her home. Wanting to know something about the values of the real estate agent, she asked, “How often do you go to church?” “Occasionally” was the one word reply. Without giving it a second thought, Mrs. Clara made the same kind of response that the General would make.  She asked, “Does you pastor only preach occasionally?”

The real estate agent went on to explain that she was more spiritual than religious. She acknowledged that she feels the need to pray now and then – Her relationship to God is “not to hot” – “not too cold”. Offering the agent a cup of coffee, Mrs. Clara opted to teach a life lesson by serving the agent a cup of coffee at room temperature. After tasting the coffee, the agent pushed it away.  Just to ensure the point wasn’t missed, Mrs. Clara added, “People drink coffee hot or cold, but never in between. Not even the Lord likes coffee that way—and coffee, when you think about it, is a lot like religious faith.

The movie was thought provoking. In addition, I found myself laughing out loud at times and teary eyed at others. I’d recommend it.

All My Best!



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