What’s Trending? Are You Kidding Me?


What does the future hold? Sometimes being in touch with the present serves as a baseline for knowing what to expect going forward. I am always amazed at how quickly the time flies between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Out of curiosity I did a quick Google search to see what’s trending. The one thing the search did for me was underscore how far out of reality I am. I virtually was at a loss on the people/topics/ trends happening.

I have always been open and transparent regarding my lack of enthusiasm related to sports. I am not gifted with athletic abilities. I know what some of you or thinking. You’re thinking I could have shortened the phrase and simply said: “I’m not gifted.” Perhaps you’re right.   I can’t dribble a basketball and walk at the same time. I have never had that skill set. When it comes to baseball, I remember having the propensity of either striking out or getting hit by the ball while standing with a bat over my shoulder next to home plate. It is definitely not a game I enjoyed.

However, I have not attempted to mask my deficits by attempting to live vicariously through watching other people play sports. In fact, I’ve spent well over half a century choosing to distance myself from sports and I’m okay with the fact that I don’t have the need to be a sports enthusiast. It simply holds no interest for me.

Sure, I’m going to watch my grandchildren participate in whatever sport endeavors they gravitate toward, but I’m not going to become a season ticket holder for any venue of sports. It isn’t so much that I refuse to pay $10 for a hot-dog, I just can’t handle the boredom. From my perspective, sports should be recreational and not a fast track circuit to prosperity and wealth. Is it sour grapes? “No, I just think our value system is aloof and not focused on what really is important.

It’s not that I’m totally out-to-lunch. I think I could come close to correctly telling you the number of players needed for playing baseball. That is true even though I’ve been boycotting that game since the age of nine. Tennis is either singles or doubles. “Right?” When it comes to either soccer or football, I have absolutely no idea how many players are on the field at one time. It may have something to do with deficits on the left side of my brain, but the number of players needed requires more mental acuity than I can muster. Either than or I’m just not interested.

Last night when I did a Google search to see what was trending, I become introduced to a new sport. At least it is new to me. “Competitive Eating” is the sport. Have you heard of it?

At first I thought it was a joke, but apparently not. So what’s trending? According to my search, Peter Czerwinski, known as “Furious Pete” is currently promoting his book entitled, “Stay Hungry”. That is currently the #1 thing trending.

In case you’ve never heard of Furious Pete, he is a body builder who has participated in 90 eating competitions. He holds 6 Guinness World Records in competitive eating. His skill set? Well I will let you decide the category. He holds the record for eating a whole raw onion in 43.53 seconds, devouring 17 bananas in 2 minutes, finishing 15 hamburgers in 10 minutes, guzzling a 750-meter bottle of olive oil in 60 seconds, and consuming 17 Jaffa Cakes in 60 seconds. He even has an entree of food named after him. The Furious Pete – which consists of 20 pieces of bacon and 20 pieces of cheese, alongside a five-pound platter of fries – is named after him, after Czerwinski became the first person in 1,500 attempts to finish it.

His story is remarkable. At the age of 16, he was diagnosed and hospitalized with an eating disorder. At the time, he only weighed 125 pounds. His subsequent interest in body-building was a turning point for him. Even more interesting, he now has 2 million subscribers on You Tuber. His willingness to share his story has been a source of encouragement to others.

Reportedly, Czerwinski has a slower digestion rate than the average person. He eats nine balanced meals a day. He is fairly open in sharing the challenges and struggles he has faced.  By his own admission, he is no stranger to hardship and difficulty. Yesterday afternoon, I watched a brief video where he shares the current challenges before him. He prefaced his comments by saying in recent week, folks have noticed that he hasn’t seemed himself. In addition, they’ve made reference to weight loss that seems contraindicated to what he wanted to accomplish. He confirmed that both observations are correct. For the second time in his life he is under treatment for cancer. He didn’t talk about prognosis, but he did talk about his resolve not to give up. He reportedly lives with two motivating factors:

One is ‘Dedicated for Life,’ which means that regardless of how long it takes, he will dedicate all his efforts toward achieving his goal.”

The second motto is “Stay Hungry,” the title of his book. “What that means is that no matter how difficult things get, no matter how hard it is to achieve a certain goal or get to a certain place in life, as long as you really do stay hungry and want to achieve that, I truly feel you can.”

While I don’t have an interest in following Furious Pete’s rating or ranking in Competitive Eating, I like the determination he displays in overcoming difficulties and hardship. I may even become his 2,000,001 viewer on You-Tuber.

All My Best!








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