MoonShine – A Great Place For Lunch


Yesterday was an atypical Saturday morning. For one thing, I wasn’t out of bed at 5:00 a.m. For another, I awakened in the upstairs bedroom located above the garage. It took me a couple of minutes to orient myself and get my bearings. Though it was nearing 6:00 a.m., I would have opted to stay in bed longer if it weren’t for the perceived need to post my blog in a somewhat timely fashion.

Some of you are probably wondering why I was sleeping upstairs. The General and I (mostly the General) was dog sitting Friday night and Saturday. Did I mention that despite the fact that the dogs spend much of their time sleeping on the cold hard floor during the day, when nighttime falls, they are accustomed to a lot more comfort? I was sleeping upstairs because I wasn’t open to sleeping with two 90-pound labs.

The General awakened me at 1:45 a.m. Saturday morning because she had let the younger (less well behaved but handsome) lab outside and he didn’t come back inside when she called him. Reportedly, he had been sick a couple of times during the night. Now he was outside and not responding to her calls. My task was to locate the dog. Did I mention that the wind was blowing and it felt cool cold outside? Besides that, the gates to the fence were closed. There was no way the dog could get outside the yard. Why didn’t the General just wait him out? Was there really a need to summon the man upstairs? I think not, but I just live here. I did as I was told (AKA: business as usual).

Sometimes I lead a dog’s life, except that I don’t sleep on a memory foam mattress when Andrea and Kevin’s dog’s come to our home for a sleepover. I don’t sleep on a memory foam mattress because the grand-dogs do. The General wants them to feel at home while they are with us. As you’re read this, some of you guys are thinking I should have my head examined. I know what you’re thinking: “You’d never tolerate that for a moment”. Okay, so maybe I’ve mellowed with old age, but I’ve learned to pick my battles. Besides that, isn’t there a Scripture that says: “Or suppose a king is about to go to war against another king. Won’t he first sit down and consider whether he is able with ten thousand men to oppose the one coming against him with twenty thousand?

If you were married to the General, you’d probably make the same decision I did. If you chose to do otherwise, I’d think you were the one in need of having your head examined. No one in their right mind sleeps with two 90-pound labs.

Never let it be said that the General doesn’t plan ahead and think on her feet. She announced to me in the very early morning hours yesterday (2:00 a.m.) that she had gotten little sleep. Consequently, she wasn’t going to go with me into Austin Saturday morning. Our son-in-law and daughter had invited us to meet them for an early lunch and then we’d accompany them to the “Home & Garden Show” at the Convention Center. They have been there this weekend manning (oops) occupying booth space to promote The HomeMag for Austin. In addition, Clint Harp, the furniture maker/master carpenter on “THE FIXER UPPER” on HGTV was scheduled to provide a program at 1:00 p.m. They thought we’d enjoy his presentation.

Vying for my highest level of motivation for Saturday’s trip to Austin was the need for a haircut. I looked like “the wild man from Gadara” (demoniac from the Gadarenes) or an Old English Sheep Dog. Either way, I desperately needed an extreme makeover. That, too, fits into the concept of HGTV.

While I was at the barbershop, Andrea sent me a text that we could plan to have lunch around 11:15. As it turned out we were meeting at the Moonshine Bar and Grill on Red River Street. It turned out to be a delightful experience despite the name. The menu was terrific.

The waiter’s name was Justin. I made a mental note of his name because I think it is important to remember names. I normally do a pretty good job. He asked if this was our first experience at the restaurant. Kevin replied, “It is mixed. Part of us have and part of us haven’t”. I couldn’t help myself. I don’t know what came over me. Why not have a little fun? Nonsense immediately kicked in and I said: “The strange thing about this guy”, while I was pointing to Kevin, “He’s with a different woman each time he comes here.” I’m probably the only one who thought my joke was funny. The waiter was oblivious to the fact that both Kevin and Andrea had been there several times before. I was the odd person out. I had never heard of the restaurant much less been their before. It literally is a stone’s throw from the Austin Convention Center. No wonder it is so popular.

Our waiter came back to our table a short time later and I called him Jason. No sooner were the words out my mouth than I apologized. I knew immediately that his name wasn’t Jason, it was Justin. “I’m sorry Justin. I just called you Jason and know that isn’t right. When you shared your name earlier, I opted to remember it “just-in” case I had an opportunity to use it again”. It was pretty lame, but it merited a laugh.

In reviewing the menu, I was impressed with the choices. It was very well done. I selected the “blackened catfish” with a side of gumbo. I said to my daughter and son-in-law: “This menu looks really good. I guess it is obvious that I don’t get out much”. The waiter apparently overheard me and reportedly smiled in our direction. I told my son-in-law after we had been served that when Justin comes back, I’m going to say, “This meal is so much better than prison food.” On the other hand, maybe it worked better to let that part go? You probably won’t believe it, but I did.

My daughter did say, “Dad, You seem really lively and engaging today”. That made me feel good. The last time I saw her was the day before when she left off the dogs. She said, “Dad, Are you alright? You don’t seem like yourself.” I was grateful that yesterday the same ole Don was back and I was on top of my game.

All My Best!








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