What Do You Make Of It?


Yesterday I received a strange text from a friend. We are friends in both real life and on Facebook. Sadly, most of our contact is electronic rather than in person. His friendship is one I value and he has much to offer in terms of wise counsel and thoughtful conversation. He is investing his life in making a difference. He is an elementary school teacher in an upscale private school for a classroom of 4th grade students. Despite the fact that I am somewhere between two-to-three times his age, the two of us share much in common. He is a writer and he maintains a blog. In addition, he is a twin.

The text message he sent allegedly was in response to something I’d written related to a picture he’d posted. He sent this message: “Hey, I didn’t understand your reply to my arches picture. I assumed you were joking though!” I was puzzled. What was he talking about? I remembered seeing a picture with rock columns forged in arches that were interspersed. If memory served me correctly, it was the support system for a bridge. However, other than selecting the “like” button, I didn’t write anything or did I?

I was a little embarrassed when I went back to his posting and looked for myself. He headed his posting with a quote from Henry Adams: “All experience is an arch to build upon.” The picture was an excellent portrayal of arches. Initially, in hurrying past his posted picture, I processed it as a bridge. In looking at the picture a second time, I don’t think it was the support for a bridge. I think it was the façade for a porch with a flat roofed structure in the back ground.  On the other hand, I’m not sure what it is other than fascinating design and rock work. What do you make of it?

My friend was true to his word. My message would have to be somewhat confusing. I had written: “Please know of my concern and prayer support?” No wonder he had no idea what I was talking about.  So how did I make an error like that?  I obviously thought I was responding to another posting and somehow inadvertently attached my verbiage to his picture.

I have experienced doing that while texting. It is not that difficult to get confused if you are responding to texts from several people.  Am I making that up to justify the error of my ways, or is it easily done? All I know for certain is that when I get my text messages  confused, the communication can prove to be a really embarrassing.

Summer before last, Treva was in Odessa visiting her mother when I opted to order some cologne. Since the General has me trained to let her know when I make credit card purchases, I responded (or thought I did) to one of her previous text messages. My rationale for making the purchase was simple. I was out of my favorite cologne. You can probably imagine how I spiced up the story justifying the expense. What I learned in short order, is that I didn’t send the text message to the General. I somehow inadvertently sent the message intended for the General to the man who was building a new steel gate for our home. “Awkward” is only the beginning of describing the experience. I’m not sure when I’ve been so embarrassed.

However, posting “Please know of my concern and prayer support” below the picture of architectural arches that my friend posted certainly gets honorable mention for being more than just a little strange. When I explained what happened, my friend responded: “Ha-ha! My work peeps now think something is wrong at work. Ha!”

Long story short, beware of what you see in writing unless of course it comes from me. However, if it does come from me and it appears to make absolutely no sense, it could be that I’ve crossed the wires in my head and I don’t know what I’m doing.

All My Best!



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