Problem Solved – The General Was Right


In the General’s texted message to me on Thursday informing me that the thermostat wasn’t working, she inferred her belief that the landscape people were somehow responsible. Her rationale was simple: “The heater was working fine on Sunday. The landscape folks were here on Monday. The weather didn’t get cold again until today. I’m just wondering if they could have done something.”

I shrugged the suggestion off as irrational thinking. I thought, the very nerve to suggest something of that nature! How dare she! It was closely akin to my long-held belief (4 weeks) that the folks who had shampooed the carpeting in my office somehow were responsible for the disappearance of my pouch containing travel receipts. I thought perhaps they had inadvertently knocked it over into a trashcan. That was the only obvious conclusion I could render to explain how the receipts had vanished from thin air.

Of course, when the pouch and receipts were subsequently located above the sun visor in my truck, I felt badly that I had harbored the belief someone else was responsible. Actually I was embarrassed that I had done so. I didn’t mention the General’s suspicion regarding the probable origin of our thermostat issues were along that same order. I was somehow embarrassed, that she too, was capable of assessing blame without facts to support her belief.

Yesterday morning when I talked to our HVAC person at work, he didn’t seem to think the solution was within my ability to resolve. That doesn’t make him a rocket scientist. In fact, if you did a man on the street interview of anyone who knows me, it would have been 10-out-of-10 who would agree with the HVAC person. Pardon the pun, but the cold hard facts are simply that it was beyond by grasp or ability.

Even my little brother who has known me almost longer than anyone else was smart enough to figure that out. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “Doesn’t he live in Oklahoma?” That being said, he responded to yesterday’s blog with: ‘“Bitterly cold’ does not seem to be appropriate phraseology for the Austin area. It is bitterly cold in Amarillo or in North Dakota….. Consider using a good, honest repairman for your HVAC problems. You, sir, are a preacher. Love you much!” I guess we all have a tendency to look for what we want to find. Didn’t he say, “You, sir, are a preacher.” I need to print that out and take it with me to church. That may come as a surprise to many.

When I talked to the HVAC person at work on Thursday, he said the electrical current to the thermostat had been compromised. I think he made reference to a “common line”. The term “common line” caught my attention. On Thursday evening when I invested (wasted is a better term) 3 ½ hours of my time attempting to resolve the thermostat problem, one of the problem solving tips stated: “The thermostat only does this when there is no common wire. If the common wire is present, check it for continuity; look for a short, a broken wire, or a bad connection. If the equipment is a heat pump, or heat only or cool only, you MUST have a common wire”.

Folks who can do anything say you can find any D-Y-I project on U-Tube. Trust me, I tried. I actually found the video of someone resolving their thermostat “common line” issues by going to the source and changing a fuse in the heating unit. Did I mention they highlighted the need to ensure the electricity was off. Since my heating unit doesn’t come with a light bulb signaling on-or-off, I was in trouble. I have seven breaker boxes labeled, “furnace”. Who knows? The electrician may have thought seven was the perfect number.

Replacing fuses inside the heating unit falls out of my pay grade. Besides that, if I electrocuted myself, the General would be at a significant loss. It has taken her almost 48 years to train me. Can you imagine starting over? She would be overwhelmed. I won’t even mention the lucky guy. The very thought is enough to call the suicide prevention hotline. (JUST JOKING – ANYTHING FOR A LAUGH). I guess I’ll simply say, “I’m obviously not replacable.”

On the other hand, I have to hand it to the General. She is smart. She was smart enough to deduce that the thermostat issue could be tied to the landscape folks. Obviously she was correct. A wire going to the outside condenser containing six strands of wire (blue, white, yellow, green, orange, and red) had been severed. Obviously, they got a little over zealous when they were trimming a nearby plant.

At any rate, thanks to the HVAC guy at work who also maintains an independent business in his off-time, I am now enjoying having heat on the east side of my house.

All My Best!



2 thoughts on “Problem Solved – The General Was Right”

  1. Glad you got this problem solved. John might just be a pilot but he has solved most all of our problems over the years. Saved us tons of money. He rarely ever asks for help.
    Treva is a smart lady, watch your step, as Larry stated, you are a preacher! I found that amusing! stay warm.


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