Sometimes my hearing isn’t as good as it needs to be. So why would Toy Story be trending? You tell me? Wasn’t that a Disney Movie from 1995? On the other hand, did they say Toy Story or did they say Trevor Story? On second thought, it must have been Trevor. It is his story (pardon the pun) that is making headlines and setting records. Well, good for him I say, but what did he do and why does it matter?

According to ESPN, “Trevor Story is the new superman as he homers for the third straight game”. “The Colorado rookie mashed his fourth homer on Wednesday in just his third career MLB game. He passed Joe Cunningham, who clubbed three right off the bat in his rookie year with the Cardinals in 1954, and current Cubs Javier Baez and Jorge Soler, who both hit three in their first three games of 2014”. Reportedly, according to Jayson Stark, ESPN Senior Writer, “Trevor is the first player since 1900 to have each of his four career hits be a HR. So not Ruth. Not Aaron. Not Bonds. Not even Tulo. It’s Trevor Story, ladies and gentlemen. Wow”.

According to the Denver Post, the headlines were bold: “ Kiszla: Rookie Trevor Story breathes life into opening day” Subtitle: “Lone way for Colorado to truly make rookie Story feel at home with Rockies is by saying goodbye to Reyes”

Doesn’t that give you goose bumps? Can you imagine being credited with breathing life into opening day? Reading that headline had to be a feel good moment for Trevor. Better yet, can you imagine how good that had to sound to his grandparents if they are still on this side of eternity? Grandparents are natural cheerleaders for children. By the way, that was just for starters.

Mark Kiszla, columnist for the Denver Post writes: “If the first pitch of the baseball season is all about hope and dreams, then the best reason for the Rockies to smile is shortstop Trevor Story. ‘It’s every kid’s dream to play in the big leagues,’ Story said. ‘And that dream is about to come true for me.’” I guess you could say: “Long story (pardon the pun) short, Colorado Rockies rookie shortstop Trevor Story now has his place in baseball’s record book”.

So who is Trevor Story? The fact that I have to ask the question concerning Trevor highlights the fact that I didn’t pay much attention to anything other than skiing when I was in Denver last week. Consequently, my blog related to Trevor is a short story (oops – another pun). Actually Trevor is from Texas. He was born November 15,1992 in Irving, TX and graduated from Irving High School.

Speaking of baseball players in Texas, the General and I have three grandchildren who are now playing baseball in Texas. Respectfully, they range in ages from 12, 10 & 7. Craig does a pretty good job of keeping us informed of the children’s prowess related to sports. Did I mention every time he enters information or someone replies to information, the strobe light on my phone engages. The light always catches my attention. In addition, so does the storyline. On Saturday morning, Craig sent the following concerning Jake: “Jake went two for two. Had two RBIs and drove in the winning run”. His proud Aunt Dre responded: “Go Jake! That’s great teamwork’

Craig added: “William walked and scored. We’re up 3-to-1 in the bottom of the 1st.” I don’t really know what any of that means, but it sounded good. That was on Saturday. On Monday Craig wrote: “Jake got another hit today. Added another one to the RBI count plus scored again himself. My daughter added: “In the words of his older brother, “Double awesome”. A short time later: “Another hit for Jake”.

A short time later, Craig texted: “Another score. The boy is fast”. Uncle Kevin simply refers to Jake as “a Machine.” That’s pretty complimentary for a 7-year-old.

So here’s the deal: “Jake, the 7 year old, is 8-for-8. He has 5-RBIs and has scored 6 runs. William was playing centerfield on Wednesday night and caught a towering shot to straightaway center with two outs and the bases loaded. Offensively, he has walked twice, scored twice and has been hit by a pitch.”

Jake has played 3 games and is on the Hooks. Jenna has played one game and William has played 2 games.

As a grandfather, I couldn’t be more proud.

All My Best!






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