Setting The Record Straight


Have you ever felt the need to set the record straight? I don’t always get it right, but when it comes to writing my daily blog, I consistently do my best to ensure it is factual. I don’t think it is an overstatement to suggest that I exercise due diligence in fairly reflecting the day-to-day jovial banter between the General and myself.

Just for the record, the General can be a hoot! She accuses me of overdoing it, but she’s one to talk. She arrived home late Friday afternoon after being gone for nearly 3 weeks. The 3 weeks were broken up with her being at home over one weekend. In addition, she had her feet on the ground in Henly on a subsequent Saturday. She and Craig came to town for a funeral. With those exceptions, she spent the remainder of the three-week period in Cat Spring and Sealy. I might also add that she had the time of her life.

During that time frame, the General provided oversight and support to grandchildren. I figure they gave her a run for her money. They are cute, smart and active children. Yet, if I were a betting man, I’d put my money on the General.

The General has the stamina to run around the block, figuratively speaking, at least three times before any of the grandkids could get a running start. She runs a tight ship! If you don’t believe me, you can check with my son. Even though he is the down side of 44, I’m sure he still remembers the structure and support his mother voluntarily provided during his childhood.

The General is fair and balanced. If you think Fox News leans to the right, you should spend some time with the General. I am not making this up. I am telling the truth. It is not my intent to get political, but when it comes to setting standards and communicating values to children, the General is top shelf all the way. She also likes to have things done her way regardless of the crowd.

If you need affirmation that I’m telling the truth, go back again and re-read the second sentence in my opening paragraph. It clearly states: “I don’t always get it right, but when it comes to writing my daily blog, I consistently do my best to ensure it is factual”. What more proof do you need to know that I chronicle the facts?

The following statement is written tongue-in-cheek, but it is important. For whatever reason, some of you may need further substantiation that you can trust my presentation of the facts. I’m not suggesting the General paints a different picture, but I do have pause for concern. For example, my daughter and son-in-law spent this past Friday and Saturday in Cat Spring. Apparently, they interacted with a number of people at a community function. Repeatedly, my daughter heard: “We spent time with you mother when she was here and she is nothing like the way your dad describes her.”

That tidbit of news was a jolt to my system!!! How could anyone question the authenticity of my true-life experiences? After all, even Attila the Hun had redeeming qualities. “He was the barbarians’ barbarian who called himself ‘the Scourge of God’. But how did the terrible Attila command such loyalty and why, in death, was he so mourned?” According to an article entitled: “Nice Things to Say About Attila the Hun”, he reportedly was, for the most part, a man of his word. Isn’t honesty a characteristic of value? He also was known as a man who valued loyalty”.

I could fill the page up with strengths possessed by the General. Of course, the General is loving, kind, affirming, encouraging, helpful, personable, good-natured, sensitive, caring and intuitive. If she weren’t, do you think she would have put up with me for almost 48 years? She is smart, organized and strategic. She also can be quick witted. She holds her own with me. The list could go on and on. All of it true. All of it reflective of her incredible skill set.

The General was with grandchildren on her birthday. I like the spin that our oldest grandson put on her birthday card. He wrote: “ Gram – You are the greatest and most honest person I have ever known. HAPPY BIRTHDAY”.

I’m not suggesting that the General and Attila have anything in common, but honesty may be one of the virtues they both share. Did I mention that she is also organized? She prides herself in passing that trait on to others. One of the frustrations of her life is that she hasn’t been nearly effective enough in ensuring that I always do everything her way. I know, you’re thinking: “I’d be in a better place had I listened to her instructions.”

Check with our youngest grandson. Shortly before the General left to return home, he excitedly invited Gram to come into his room and look at his chest-of-drawers. Pulling a drawer open, he said: “Look! This stack is for my school shirts, this stack is for my Aggie shirts, this stack is for my church shirts and this stack is for my regular shirts.” Of course, he was elated with the organization. So was she.

Long-story-short, the General rubs off on people. Either that or others figure out it is in their best interest to do it her way. Consequently, I am the biggest challenge in her life. I don’t always do it her way. However, you can count on me to get the story right when I chronicle it in my blog.

I mentioned that the General could be a hoot. Sunday afternoon, she sat down in the recliner and immediately fell to sleep. I was predictably at my computer when sleepy head walked finally awakened and walked into my office. It was late afternoon. Apparently to say that she was exhausted has to be a statement of fact. I can also say that she was disoriented and confused. She asked: “Is this Sunday?” I almost thought she was joking. Of course it was Sunday. Didn’t she remember going to church? Apparently not, she then announced, “I’m going to go shower and get ready for church.”

In predictable fashion, I good-naturedly set the record straight. She didn’t need to shower and get ready for church, she had already been. Speaking of setting the record straight, you can trust me to report the facts. Honestly, I’m not making this up.

All My Best!








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