Yesterday was an emotionally packed day. I’ll save those details for later, but by 4:00 p.m. I was exhausted. Returning home, the General instructed me to do nothing but rest. The caveat to her mandate was to stay out of my office. She didn’t want me resting in front of the computer. She actually, scripted the chair in our living area that reclines as the place for my resting.


The chair doesn’t look like a recliner, but it has that feature and it is very comfortable. I was tired. Consequently I was willing to follow the General’s mandate. After all, she knows best or generally approaches life with that belief. Maybe she was right. Perhaps I did need a time out. It was also noteworthy that the dominant color of the chair is green.


When our son was small and misbehaving, we often redirected his behavior by instructing him into time-out by sitting in the green chair. I feared that he might grow up hating the color green, but apparently he didn’t. I don’t know if the General even thought about the similarities of her mandate to me yesterday and those we both often used with our son.


A short time later, the ringing of the telephone awakened me. It was the house-phone rather than my cell and the sound was not nearly as subtle or welcoming as the ring-tone on my cell. “Are your ready for time with your grandchildren”, was the question asked of me by my son. There is never a time that the welcome mat is not out for them. Actually, the plan was for us to meet Craig and Becky in Bastrop today to transfer the kids from them to us. They are opting for one more week at Camp Gram before school starts.


Maybe I was a little groggy from my unfinished time-out, but Craig’s question didn’t immediately register according to his intent. He was asking if we wanted to meet yesterday rather than today. Craig said, “We need to go to Academy anyway, we thought this evening might work for you? Besides that, Becky is ready to get these kids out of here. We need a break”. Did I mention that Craig is a lot like his dad? I’m certain that Becky didn’t craft the plan so they could have a break.


On the other hand, Becky may have been motivated for the Academy get-away. Craig headed to the section of the store where fishing supplies are sold. I’ll probably get in trouble for sharing this, but next Sunday is the annual competitive fishing marathon of Becky and her two brother’s families. I know what you’re thinking, but you’ve got it wrong. They don’t go fishing together.   They fish separately as families and meet at an appointed time to determine the winner. Of course the winner is the family who caught the most fish.


Last year, Craig’s family went to church before they went fishing. The two brothers opted to Worship with a fishing rod and reel in their hands. After all, think of all the stories in the New Testament that had to do with water and fishing. In fact, Jesus called fisherman to be disciples. Yeah, they could justify their time-out from their regular house of Worship. I gather that Craig and his fishing crew are opting to do the same thing this year. Craig’s wife and his mother have a lot in common. They are intent on winning in any contest. Winner take all is the approach they generally pursue.


In the event the Reichardt brothers or their families read this blog, I’ll share a word of warning. The Forrester clan plans to win the competition this year. It seems a little crazy to me, but then again I consistently don’t catch fish when I go fishing. Did I mention that I’ve had enough experience not catching fish that I no longer go fishing?


I didn’t follow Craig to the cash register at Academy to see how much he spent purchasing fishing supplies, but he said something about needing to take out a second mortgage out on his home to pay for them. (Actually, I made that up just because I thought it was funny). I can tell you that he probably spent more on fish bait than it would have cost to buy New York strips for the entire family.


I can truthfully tell you that I spent more time in Academy last night than I’ve ever spent in Academy. Jake needed new shoes and he knew exactly what he wanted. It took him a while to find them. Watching him select shoes was a flashback to Craig’s childhood. Craig was also very particular and he wasn’t willing to settle for the first pair he tired on.


I am a little embarrassed to say this, but I had no idea that Academy is actually a sporting good store with shoes and all kinds of sporting supplies. The only time I’ve been in Academy is when I’ve gone with Craig. Bullets and guns were the order of the day. It just never occurred to me that you can get almost anything there.


As we walked through the store, William mentioned that he saw a cap that he liked. He didn’t ask for it, he simply made reference to it. I said, “Let go back and look. I want to see it”. He showed me and said, “It’s a little expensive”. I said, “Granddad will get it for you.” I agreed with William, I’d never pay that for a cap unless it was for a grandson that wanted it. It was a joy for me.


William is named after my dad and honestly he lives up to the name. My dad was very frugal. William is as well. He doesn’t gravitate to the new and shiny. If what William has works for him, he doesn’t opt for more. Craig mentioned in a text message yesterday that the restaurant they’d gone to for lunch had a very long waiting line. Consequently, they opted to go elsewhere. Jenny immediately suggested Longhorn Steakhouse. William replied immediately, “Isn’t that place expensive?” Craig said, “That’s Pappaw all over again.”


Trust me, expense wouldn’t be the obstacle that kept the family away for Longhorn Steakhouse. What self-respecting Aggie Family would eat at a place named Longhorn Steakhouse?  I don’t see that happening. I will grill steaks for the kids this week.


All My Best!



















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