Stash – A Perfect Fit For The Young And Old

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The General carries a plastic debit card from Sonic. At least, I think she still does. For as long as I can remember, her beverage of choice has been a large diet coke with vanilla flavoring. I’m not making this up. For years when she was working, she’d haul a large Styrofoam drink with her to work. I cautioned her until I was blue in the face that she was slowly killing herself by drinking diet anything. There are some people with whom you simply can’t reason. They know every thing and are deaf to your message. Uttering a word of warning places the messenger at risk of getting shot. The General was working for lawyers.  She wouldn’t have served time.  In addition, walking around with a large Styrofoam cup of anything doesn’t look all that classy. I don’t care if you are also carrying a Stash hand crafted leather bag. I’m sorry, but you just can’t dress up Styrofoam! However, the Stash bag is timeless and has a great look wherever you go. It’s like carrying a story around with you. Isn’t that what they say: “Every bag has a story.”


I remember back in the day (many days, months & years ago) my mother was a devoted Dooney and Bourke leather purse fan. When my folks moved from Odessa to Henly in 2004, they didn’t part with much. That’s true despite the fact that the General and I made several trips to Odessa to assist them in getting ready for the move beforehand. It was my intent that anything they didn’t need or use be donated to Good Will. You’re probably thinking: “Good luck with that!” If so, you won’t be surprised to know my luck wasn’t all that good. My folks didn’t part with much. That was even true of my dad. I couldn’t believe it. He was as bad, if not worse, than mother. Everything had to go. From my perspective, they didn’t need to move all that stuff including Mom’s lifetime collection of Dooney & Bourke purses. I mean, after all, how many purses does one woman need?


And all the people women said: “More than you think!” Besides that, a gal’s got to coordinate her purse with the color of her clothing and shoes. One purse is not nearly enough. For that matter neither is a dozen. Regardless of the line-up, you’ve always got to have a least one more. It is a perpetual problem. Just as you only want the land that touches yours, the purse next to yours at the Department Store is fair game.


My mom may have been cognitively impaired by the time they moved, but she had it together enough to know that she didn’t want to leave anything behind. Consequently, Dooney and Bourke didn’t wind up on the shelves at Good Will in Odessa, America. At least the purses belonging to my mother did not.


Mother had quite a collection. Out of curiosity, I just checked the General’s side of our closet. She doesn’t have any Dooney and Bourke purses. Back in the day, perhaps she did? I don’t remember. After mother was gone, the General didn’t want any of Mother’s purses. At least that is the way I remember it. I was both surprised and confused. The General explained it like this: “Her purses don’t work for me. They are more fashionable for older ladies.” In case you’re wondering: “I didn’t suggest the General give it a year or two, maybe even up to ten-to-twenty?” I’d have the have the DNA of a kamikaze pilot to try to pull that one off. I’m nuts, but I’m not that far gone.


What’s the advertising line that Dooney and Bourke used? Wasn’t it: “Bags with timeless American Style?” Obviously, from the General’s perspective, the bags with timeless American Style ran out of time. At least, that appears to be the General’s perspective.


A couple of weeks ago, I had to run quickly from the church to my daughter’s and back. We were in the General’s car. The motor activation device (I just made that term up) was in the General’s purse. She handed me the purse as I headed out the door for the quick round-trip. [Note: “Motor-activation-device” sounds better and more closer to accurate than a: “Whatchamacallit?” But that term will work as well.]


At any rate, I felt a little (okay – “very”) awkward carrying a Stash bag. What do you say when strangers are looking at you? You simply say: “Only secure men carry a bag”. I bet you thought I was going to say “purse”. You’re wrong. I wouldn’t carry a purse.


Stash is a perfect fit for the young and the old. I guess that means it really is timeless. Whether you are nineteen-years-old or ninety, Stash has the bag for you and it could be the same bag for both. The concept of “marrying the right material into the right design” adds a whole new approach to the thought of accessorizing. “If you’re nineteen and want to look visionary and hip, Stash has the look.” If you are ninety and want that “with it” look, borrow your granddaughter’s Stash bag. Better yet, buy your own and purchase her another one as well. After all, you can’t take it with you and at the age of ninety you’re on borrowed time.Why not spend the stash?


Okay, I’ll even go out on a limb. No offense intended, but truthfully, the bag could also pass well for use by either gender. I caught my reflection in the glass door at church. It was only a glimpse, but it really didn’t look that weird. Of course, Henly is just West of weird. Maybe I’m losing it or just not as cognitively intact as I once was?   Whose to say?


I’m not going to start carrying a bag for the same reason I don’t carry a checkbook.   I’d never be able to keep up with it. I have the same difficulty with ballpoint pens. It doesn’t’ matter if the pen is expensive or a give-away, in fifteen minutes the pen might as well belong to someone else because I have no idea how to find it or reclaim it.


Getting back to the General, she is no longer carrying a large Styrofoam cup of diet coke topped off with vanilla flavoring around with her. “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”, she gave it up. No, it’s not because I finally talked some sense into her head. She started paying my hard-earned money (stash) for a physical fitness trainer who told her the same thing I’ve been telling her for years and presto: “She no longer drinks diet drinks.”

Without the Styrofoam cup, her exercise program paying dividends, and the amazing hand crafted leather bag from Stash, she’s way ahead ahead of her game.


Kudos to the General and Kudos to Stash!


All My Best!




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