A Memory In Time


At the risk of being thought a little strange, I walked into the clothing store and took a picture of the display.  The display was a trigger that took me back in time.  The clothing store is located in Barton Creek Mall near the Dillard’s Men’s Store.  The name of the store is Janie and Jack.  It is a clothing store for young children.

I actually was on my way to Dillard’s semi-clothing sale for men.  Did I really need anything?  Probably not, but I’m a sucker for a sale.  I’d received an email from Dillard’s notifying me that Saturday was the last day of the sale.  The notice caught me by surprise.  For almost as long as I can remember, I’ve never failed to stock-up toward the end of January and toward the end of August each year.  Actually, there is generally a method to my madness.  I’d start doing a quick walk-through Dillard’s in the mall about mid-way through the month just to checkout the inventory.  I’d then stop back by on my way home from work a couple of other times until I felt secure that the pricing was reduced about as far as it was going to go.

The magic number I was looking for was 65% + 40% off.  If you’re mathematically challenged, the answer isn’t that the store is going to refund you 5% of the purchase price to take the inventory off their hands.  You received 65% off the purchase price and then 40% off the remaining 35% of the purchase price.  Actually, I like the sound of the first concept better, but the second isn’t half bad either.

With the exception of buying shoes, the 65% + 40% off sale at Dillard’s in the only way I purchase clothing.  Sometimes the sale has been so good that I’ve felt obligated to pick up clothing items for extended family members.  One year, I bought matching shirts from the Daniel Cremieux collection for three men in our church.  All three were retired and walked together each morning.  I guess I thought they need a uniform look.  I picked out a shirt with a green background covered with pheasants.  I am not a hunter, but I thought the color scheme worked well.  Consequently, I bought a shirt like it for myself.

How many years ago?  I don’t remember.  Out of curiosity, I just looked.  I still have the shirt.  It is laundered, starched and hanging in my closet.  I don’t remember the last time I wore it, but I’d say it’s been a few years ago.

I’m not a bird hunter.  Actually, I’m not any kind of hunter.  I picked out the shirts because they had good fall colors and the high testosterone crowd who carry shotguns and hunt birds do those things in the fall.  I decided to simply fake it.  I have no desire to make it.  Bottom line, the shirt has pizzaz. Like I said, “ I still have mine.”

I recognize that no three women in any church would ever consider wearing identical dresses.  In that regard, women are weird.  Most men’s Levi’s or Wrangler’s all look the same.  Consequently, more than one guy with a pheasant shirt wasn’t going to be a problem.  I figured if they all have matching shirts, it would reflect they all had good taste or a friend who is a sucker for a sale.

I’m still a bit puzzled about how I almost missed the sale.  I’m not even sure I realized this is the month of August.  What happened to May?  For all I know, next you’ll tell me next that I’m no longer 54 year of age.  Where does the time go?

When it comes to this August, my primary focus has been an attempt to make my name memorable for Humana Health Insurance.  My insurance is changing on September 1.  Consequently, both by design and unfortunately, out of necessity, I did my fare share of damage.  At least I start with a new insurance carrier with all the routine maintenance kinds of things already done.  I guess you could say, “I’ve had my 100,000 mile check-up.”

Unfortunately (my thoughts), they’ve discontinued my model. Consequently I’m the last issue off the assembly line who looks like, thinks like and is hard wired just like me.  I guess you could say, “I’m one of a kind.”  Consequently, I really need to start taking better care of myself.

Saturday afternoon, I was thumbing through Guideposts Magazine and ran across an article entitled: “7 Tips for Communicating with Aging Parents”.  I didn’t get through the first sentence before I almost had a stroke. It read: “If you’re around 40 or your parents are around 70, experts say, it’s time to talk about topics such as living choices, health, finances, driving and end of life.”  Never, have I been so grateful to have a high-powered paper shredder.  I’d tell you more about the article, but like I said, “Never have I been so grateful to have a high-powered paper shredder”.

A word to the wise, “If I hear either of my kids refer to themselves as the ‘sandwiched generation’ (i.e.: children still at home and parents almost at their eternal home), I’ll make another extravagant purchase.

The display in the window of Janie and Jack caught my attention.  I had forgotten how good it used to feel to purchase clothing for our grandchildren.  I don’t remember what we first purchased for Jenna, our oldest granddaughter, but it was purchased at Janie and Jack’s.  I can go down the line and affirm that all four grandchildren wore clothing selected from Janie and Jack’s.  Of course, as newborns, the selection was limited and didn’t have a lot of pizzaz.  The stuff I liked to buy fell into the two-to-four year old category.

When we were shopping for clothing for our grandchildren, Janie and Jacks was located elsewhere in the same mall. Without fail, something in the window display would catch my attention and we were drawn inside like a humming bird seeking nectar.  If they had the size we needed, the deal was done.  Of course, I preferred that the items be on sale.  However, for grandchildren, all I had to do was like it.  Who cared what it cost?  Besides that, they are only little for a brief time. “Where does the time go?”  It really is a good question.

The display in the window caught my attention and it was a feel-good for me.  I’m not wishing to rewind the years for my grandchildren.  But I really miss the joy of picking out something I liked for them to wear.  I no longer pick out and buy their clothing. For one thing, I’d prefer they take the initiative of picking out their own stuff. Secondly, none of my grandchildren would wear anything colored orange.  It’s there loss. I really liked the orange colored display in the window.

All My Best!


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