Big Chief Tablet or Computer?


I always have more than a casual interest regarding any comments made in response to something I’ve written and posted.  Often the comments offered to a thought or topic add a dimension that would have been overlooked, had it not been for the comment.  Truth-be-known, the personal stories shared are more interesting than the initial rendering of the story or thought I’ve written. That always puts a smile on my face. I certainly don’t have a corner on the market for thought provoking or captivating.  Actually, most of the time I’m not even in that neighborhood, but one day I hope to be. Perhaps that is one of the reasons I keep pecking away at the computer keys.


The General would add that most of the comments are short.  She thinks I should let that influence the length of my writing.  She maintains that no one is going to read anything I’ve written in its entirety because my blogs are too long. Of course, I support the notion that she is entitled to her thoughts, but I obviously don’t necessarily agree.


Fortunately, there are a number of folks who routinely contribute comments.  Actually, when they do so on a regular basis it lures me into the false expectation that regardless of the topic, they’ll have something pertinent to add.  Consequently, when they fail to at least acknowledge what I’ve posted with a thumb’s up, it almost feels like a loss.  Does that make any sense? 


What about some of you folks who blog regularly, don’t you get hooked on responses? For a very long time, my younger brother would regularly put in his two cents worth. Of course, he always anticipated two dollars in change and a “get out of jail free” card. That mentality is part of that Tulsa Oil money syndrome.


Two or three weeks ago, I received notification from someone from another country regarding one of my blogs.  The message to me was written in English, but the text on the remainder of the page was something other than English.  For example, actions that could be taken regarding the post were: Approuver | Supprimer | Marquer comme spam  Sadly, I don’t speak a foreign language.  If I were to offer a best guess, I’d opt to go with French, but it is only that, a best guess.


The thing that often surprises me is how little I know about other countries.  Many years ago, the General and I went to England. What we discovered from visiting with the locals, they knew more about politics and everyday life in the U.S.A. than we did.  It was almost embarrassing.  The year was 1983.  Can you imagine what they’d think today? Never mind!  I withdraw the question.  I don’t think we have time for honest and open answers regardless of where one falls in the political spectrum.


Recently, I’ve gotten some responses to my postings that are puzzling.  It isn’t rocket science, but it is still way over my head.  It is more than I have the ability to process and understand.  I desire more information, but I don’t have the knowledgebase to understand it or know where to find it.  Maybe I’m out to lunch, but truthfully I am unfamiliar with the term “pingback”.


So what’s a pingback?  The short answer which left me with more questions is: “an automatic notification sent when a link has been created to a person’s blog post from an external website, allowing a reciprocal link to that website to be created”.


In attempting to ascertain whether pingbacks are desirable, I ran across another term with which I was unfamiliar.  Have you heard of the term “trackbacks?”  My simplistic understanding is that the use of both is like playing a game of ping pong.  When I was a kid we called that table tennis.  Back and forth, back and forth, with the attempt for your opponent to miss a connection and forfeit the point.


So if pingbacks and trackbacks increase back and forth traffic to one’s blog, is that desirable or undesirable?  Honestly, I don’t really know.  Since the trackback related to two articles on family issues, I thought I’d approve the pingback to see if there is an appreciable or noticeable difference in website traffic.


As you can probably determine, I am way in over my head.  Only time will tell.  At least I have figured out how to disable the pingback mechanism if it appears spam or unfriendly computer traffic gets generated my direction. I guess I’m taking a wait and see approach.  Who knows, I may find that I was light years ahead when my only form of written communication was a Big Chief tablet and a #2 pencil.


All My Best!






Apple Computer, Inc.




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