If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck


Ray Charles and Jimmy Lewis wrote and recorded: “If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck.” Through the lyrics of the music, the banter between the two of them went back and forth as one attempted to out-do the other by not having the luck of the draw. Jimmy complains: “All at once I got a funny feelin’   That something around here was goin’ wrong. So you know what I did Jimmy?” ‘What?’ “I got up and I began to look all around for my baby” ‘Was that it?’ “That was it, you know the woman had packed up and gone.”


Not to be outdone, Jimmy responds: “Looka here Ray, you think your luck is bad? Listen ta what happen to me” ‘Alright’ “Now listen now   Got a tip on a horse someone gave me, hey hey” ‘Yeah’ “Pawned my last suit to make the bet   ‘No you didn’t’ “Yes I did   Put every dime I had on him, ah” ‘What?’ “Listen, you know he ain’t showed up yet”


When it comes to bad luck, the General might add her two cents worth. Actually, in the total scheme of things, even she can’t complain. And truth be told, my imagination of the horror and discomfort is probably greater than the General’s perception of the experience. Of course, she is one tough lady!  Besides that, she doesn’t have the phobia associated to dentists that I do.  Like I said, “She is one tough lady!”


Monday evening the General was complaining of a toothache. She said, “In addition, I’ve got a really lose tooth. I’m afraid it is the tooth from the tooth implant from last year. I need to see the dentist. Like I’ve often said, “The General is a take charge person.” How she negotiated an immediate appoint is beyond me.  She subsequently telephoned the office of the dentist who did the tooth implant and learned that he is in Haiti this week providing dentistry for those in need. Consequently, she somehow managed to see our local dentist in Drippin’. Great folks! That is true of both the husband and wife team. They worked her into their Tuesday morning schedule.


Actually, the General was correct in her assessment. The tooth from the implant was loose. The thought of her possibly losing it puts me in a subtle  state of panic. Of course, she hasn’t lost it. It is simply loose. I vividly remember what it cost for a tooth implant. Initially, I suggested the General didn’t really need something put in the tooth’s place that was extracted, but she saw it differently. Had the gap in her teeth be visible to the casual observer, I’d never have suggested she forgo the implant. However, it really didn’t matter. The General wanted a full mouth of teeth and if I wanted to keep mine, it served me best to offer an encouraging word.


So what does it cost for a tooth implant?  More than you’d ever believe is the short answer.  Consequently, I can’t say much. Actually, if I want to keep my teeth, I want say anything at all. In case you’re wondering, that was meant as a joke. Like I’ve insinuated time and time again, the General is all bark and no bite. Oops, I could get in a lot of trouble. It is best that I move on.


At any rate, the dentist in Drippin knew what needed to be done, but she didn’t have the right size screwdriver. Consequently, I guess even in the world of dentistry, you’ve got to have the right equipment or you can blotch the job. Since they don’t do blotched jobs in Drippin’, she made a referral to another dentist located just South of Dallas. Actually, the Dentist has a North Austin address, but the General doesn’t get out of Drippin’ often. It just felt like she spent enough time in the car to get to Dallas and back.


As it turned out, yesterday’s endeavor turned out to be a temporary fix. It should hold her over until the dentist who did the implant returns from Haiti. The thing that amazes me is my level of understanding of the problem. I already knew that she had a screw loose, but she’d never let me get by with making that kind of assertion.  However, “loose screw” is the issue associated with the tooth.


So I guess you could say, my luck has been better than the General’s this week.  I received a surprise in the  mail.  It was an invitation to “dinner and a moving experience”. For a guy that likes adventure, how could I say “No” to that kind of deal?   The “moving experience” is really a play on words.  The invitation was from Porsche Austin.


For the past three months my son-in-law’s Porsche convertible has been parked in our garage.  He and my daughter are having a swimming pool, pergola, outdoor fireplace and large patio area added to what they are now referring to as “Oak Alley Ranch”.  At any rate, because of the construction and the fact that their modern designed home has a carport rather than garage, the Porsche has been parked at my house.


With that as a backdrop to my invitation for dinner and a moving experience from Porsche Austin, I could easily rationalize that it was meant to be. After all, the convertible will be going soon and it will leave a Porsche void in our garage.  Besides that, according to the very slick and attractive invitation, I have been pre-qualified to test drive the Porsche of my  choice and as a “thank you” from the Porsche Austin ownership team, I’ll receive a $100 gift card to Eddie V’s Prime Seafood.


The General would maintain if the Porsche Austin ownership team knew how I drove, they wouldn’t pre-qualify me to drive anything on their lot.  If you stop to think about it, this could be a deal of a lifetime.  For about $1,000 a month for the rest of my life, I could be sporting around driving a Porsche of my choice.  Can you imagine my commute to work in rush hour traffic driving a Porsche?  I might could even get up to 20 mph before I had to hit the brake pedal to avoid crashing into the car in front of me in the quagmire of too many cars in stop and go traffic.


In case you’re wondering, I’m simply going to be grateful that I’m pre-qualified to drive a Porsche.  Even my son-in-law would affirm that it’s true.  His Porsche has been in my garage and they left me the key.  Crazy isn’t it?  What’s even crazier is that I haven’t driven it.  Even though I’ve been offered to take it for a spin, I’ve declined.


I told my daughter I don’t want to get accustomed to expensive toys.  I’ll be content to ride as a passenger on occasion, but I don’t need the experience of driving their car.  In addition, if I opt to go to dinner at Eddie V’s, I’ll do it on my dime and not a gift card provided me for test driving a new Porsche.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the invitation to test drive a Porsche and if a Porsche was within my budget, I’d jump at the chance.  However, I doubt that there are many social workers that have one parked in their garage unless they married really well.  I married well, even though the General has a loose tooth, but a Porsche isn’t in the offing.


All My Best!






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