Home! Sweet Home!



We were like two people on a mission. The General and I decided it was time to do something different, but it was late when we got started. Truth be told, it was my idea. I had tried it once before and given up because I couldn’t decide what to do with all the extra chairs.


For the past several years, the front room of our home as functioned as the dinning room/quasi library. I guess that is the short way of saying we have too much furniture, but we’re not willing to part with any of it. One of my favorite pieces of furniture is an antique bookcase that wraps around the corner. I bought it from a friend several years ago.


When we moved into our home there were few places in the house that would accommodate the bookcase because of windows. Consequently, the best location was the dinning room. As a side note, the dinning room also proved to be the best location for the piano. We’ve had it elsewhere, but in terms of keeping it away from a window the dinning room seemed like the most suitable location.


Across the years we’ve gone back and forth with how we’ve used that room. Some of the time it is more of a sitting area/study and I guess that is my favorite usage of the room. I can’t remember how long ago we converted it back to the dinning room, but since that time I’ve collected a chair or two and seemingly, without any number of tables strategically located across the house, there was no place for the chairs to sit.


At any rate, I decided yesterday I wanted to make a change even if it meant giving away some of the chairs. The downside to that plan is that it negates eventually putting it all back together in the way it looks now. However, I’m good with that.


The General agreed with me. She made the observation that the only two times a year we go into the dinning room is Thanksgiving and Christmas. Apart from that, we rarely ever use that room. Consequently, it seems like a waste of space.


However, to be perfectly honest, one of the other reasons we seldom use that room is my insistence that we keep Barnabas out of that area. We only have one really nice rug in our home and it is located in the dinning area. Barnabas isn’t always appropriate or respectful of rugs. The General would come to his defense and say the chances are rare that he’d hike his leg over the rug, but she is in denial when it comes to that dog. At any rate we keep the glass pane French doors in the entry way close to prohibit the dog’s unauthorized access to the room. The other doorway leads from the kitchen and we’ve got it blocked as well.


How does the song go? “Be it ever so humble there’s no place like home.” Certainly that is true in our world. We like where we live and despite the periodic fantasy of building a new home only because I like the building phase, we are locked in here for life. We’re not moving.


I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that we’ve moved 27 times. We’ve been in our current home over fourteen years. I guess at least on paper, we look stable. Can you imagine moving because you were forced to move.


I remember the first time I met Treva’s paternal grandmother. She and one of Treva’s aunts were living in the “old home place” in Wichita Falls, but that was time limited. Under the concept of eminent domain, a move was on the immediate horizon. In case you are not familiar, eminent domain is the right of the government to take private property for public use following the payment of just compensation to the owner for that property. In Treva’s grandmother’s case, a freeway was planned where there home was located.


I remember that the imminent move was a topic of conversation. Already the house next door had been sold and moved away. The same was true for the detached garage adjacent to her grandmother’s home. Like it or not, home sweet home was soon to an asphalt freeway and the lady who’d lived in that home for most of her adult life had no alternative. She was moving.


In 1964 Peter Taylor wrote “The Throughway” about a couple in their late fifties who were in the midst of similar circumstances. They had lived in their home since they were first married. Harry the husband was having a very difficult time with the concept of moving. On the other hand, Isabel his wife thought he was over reacting. After all, they could live anywhere. However, the home contained a library that had built exclusively for their liking. Harry wasn’t willing to part with it.


I understand. I’m not parting with the antique bookcase either. That is why it is once again a sitting area/library. You can even call it a music room if you want. After all, it does contain a piano. But forever more, it won’t be used as a dinning room. The General and I agreed on that last night. I guess only time will tell.


All My Best!



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