Impromptu Has Its Limits



“What am I reading between the lines?” I re-read the question a couple of times and had the same thought each time.  The question had been sent to me via email.  Had we been playing charades, I might have had a visual clue.  As it was, I had absolutely no idea. I thought it was a strange question.  A person who regularly reads my blogs asked the question.  Consequently, it could have had a relationship to my posting from yesterday. Yet, how could I possibly know what they were thinking?


Had they asked if my work related performance was waning, I might have deducted they surmised that I was on the precipice of retirement.  However, that is not a cliff I am yet willing to tumble over.  After all, I suggested in yesterday’s blog that I would walk away before I settled for mediocrity. 


Honestly, I don’t think anything in yesterday’s blog even subtly suggested that retirement was looming on the horizon.  I guess through the simple process of deduction, one could ascertain that it is a concept not totally foreign to my thought processes.  After all, many people my age are retired.  For that matter, many people my age are also dead.  When it gets to the concept of age appropriate activities, I guess you could say the sky is the limit.  What do they say about the “Sweet By and By?”  Isn’t it something about meeting in that beautiful place?


Speaking of cliffs, I remember in my childhood that I had a reoccurring nightmare.  It was a dream of being in a school bus that went over a cliff. I vividly remember being a passenger in the bus as it was falling. Even though I had the same dream several times, I never knew how it ended.  I always awakened before the bus hit the ground.  The strangest thing about the dream is that I grew up in Odessa where there were no cliffs from which to fall.  In terms of terrain, it doesn’t get any flatter than that.  Secondly, I never regularly rode a school bus.  For those of you who are dream analyst, please don’t offer an interpretation.  Any interpretive diagnostic assessment would no doubt be protected under HIPAA and my right to privacy. 


At any rate, I started yesterday’s blog with the intent of considering the value of making a bucket list.  In the process, I got sidetracked and opted to go another direction.  By nature I am not a list maker.  For one thing, I like the freedom to live impromptu.  Once you start writing stuff down and planning a calendar, you become an indentured servant to following a schedule and prearranged commitments.  I am resistive to the concept of being tied to a ball and chain associated to one’s calendar.  Why not discover adventure in the midst of the commonplace and go from there?  However, that concept can only take you so far. 


If you really want to color outside the lines and visit faraway places, it takes some planning and schedule coordination. It also takes money. Depending on where you want to go, it could take a lot of money.  Consequently, if I wait until retirement to craft my bucket list, I might by necessity have to purge it based on financial resources.  I figure I’ve got a better shot at coming up with a more affordable list of options if I’m still working. 


I hope my friend who asked, “What am I reading between the lines” pauses to consider the tone of the previous paragraph.  It might be easy to conclude that I plan to work ‘til Jesus comes.  Perhaps that could be the thought for today.


I’d welcome any suggestions of items needing consideration for my bucket list.  I am a novice at this.   It makes sense to me that the list needs to include at least four categories.  It should include things I hope to accomplish, new activities I hope to enjoy, people I want to meet or visit with again and places I want to travel to and explore.


Hermina Hirsch, an eighty-nine year old survivor of the Holocaust, fulfilled one of the items on her bucket list on May 23, 2016.  She was provided the privilege of standing before a ballpark filled with people and singing the National Anthem before the umpire said: “Play ball”.  The location was Comerica Park in Detroit.  Of course, the team she favored was the Detroit Tigers.  She has been a fan for the past sixty years.  They were playing against Tampa Bay.


I suspect that my bucket list will not include any opportunities for me to sing in public. Unlike Hermina Hirsch, I cannot sing.  I’d write more, but I’m going to start on my list.  Besides that, I’ve got places to go and things to do. I am in my impromptu mode. I spent last night in Seal, Alabama.  Tonight Meansville, Georgia is the destination.  Of course, nothing is quite as good as home sweet home.


All My Best!




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