There’s No Place Like Home


On Sunday afternoon the General and I went to the Parade of Homes in Dripping Springs. Under the auspices of size matters, the four homes available for tour were beyond impressive. Attention to detail was obviously the marching orders for award winning design. One of the surprises associated to the tour at a couple of the homes were the vehicles staging the parking and garage areas.   Wow! Wow! Wow!


It was a subtle message, but the restored collectible automobiles fit perfectly in that neighborhood. In fact, it would have been a disappointment had they not been present. They were so perfect that you almost anticipated something like that. Actually, I can’t really say that is true. I didn’t have the imagination to anticipate or expect anything like that. But having them present was like a lot of icing on the cake.


One of the structures that I anticipated viewing was a detached casita. I noticed it as I walked up the sidewalk toward the front door of the first house we toured.   In reality, it proved to be a detached one-car garage. Of course, it appeared to be oversized, but so was everything else about the neighborhood. Even more surprising was the glass garage door that provided full view of the vehicle stored inside. I was a little disappointed that the structure was for vehicle storage. I thought it would make a great office or guest quarters.


Maybe a detached man cave is more closely to what I have in mind. Just to make it perfectly clear, my pipe dream to build detached guest quarters is simply that: “a pipe dream”. I know it’s been twenty-five years since we bought our first home in Midland. Compared to the houses we looked at on Sunday, there was no comparison. That would be like attempting to compare apples and a sliver of a miniature orange. Even though it was a small house on a postage-stamp size lot, it was perfect for our needs at the time. In addition, it was well constructed, attractively built and included all the bells and whistles. I bring that up now simply to highlight the fact that building a one-car garage size casita at our home would probably cost more than we paid for that home new in 1991.


Like I said, it is a pipe dream. It isn’t really going to happen, but it makes a great fantasy. The logical question that you may be thinking is: “Do we really need more space?” The answer is that we don’t. In fact, we probably spend at least 75% of our awake time in the sunroom of our home. I like the perception of being outside.   We don’t need additional room. We don’t utilize all the space we currently have, but a detached casita would be a nice addition.


Maybe my itch that needs scratching is the desire for a building project. For most of our lives, the General and I have lived a nomadic lifestyle related to length of time in any one home. The norm was probably around sixteen months for homes that we purchased. We were more temporary than that for property we leased.


We’ve been in our current home for over fifteen years. Needless to say, we have never been this way before. The other home we had in Henly served us for twelve years. In terms of longevity, all the other homes we have lived in paled in contrast for length of time.


I’ve heard that if you don’t update a house every decade or so, it quickly becomes dated. Are there some things we could do to our home to freshen it up? Sure, but that doesn’t mean it currently looks dated. The General would probably disagree with me, but her position is crafted out of faulty logic. She now wants light colored granite counter tops rather than the darker granite we chose when our home was built.


In case you’re wondering, under no circumstances are we changing out the granite in the kitchen just because she now would prefer a lighter color. If I were going to make a change, I’d opt for wooden floors instead of tile, but that isn’t going to happen either. Consequently, we are on a level playing field. We both have something we’d do differently after fifteen years.


One of the homes we looked at on Sunday had an impressive home office with lots of windows. I mentioned to the General that I’d love to have an office like that. She responded immediately: “You would have it junked up in two days.” Maybe that is the origin of my need for a casita. I could make it my home office and put up a “No Trespassing” sign.


When we got back home for the Parade of Homes, I had the thought: “I wouldn’t trade anything we saw today for our home.” Trust me, we’ve got a better view and we don’t have close neighbors. When I opened the garage door, my son-in-law’s red Porsche convertible is sitting in my garage. Our home isn’t on the market, but we’ve got the garage staged.


We love where we live and we are not moving. I can truthfully there isn’t a day that passes that I take for granted that we live where we live. I’ve been calling it the edge of heaven since we first moved in and nothing has changed. It is still the edge of heaven. In addition, it is home.


All My Best!



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