Thank You For The Time

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My first order of business on Friday night was to de-clutter my office. I had stacks of paper, sermon notes, a couple of books and an assortment of pens on my desk. It was not a good look. Somehow my desk perpetually becomes a receptacle magnet for this or that. You probably know what I’m talking about. Doesn’t everybody have a designated place set aside to place stuff with the intent of getting back to it later?


In my own defensive, I’m not the only one who makes contributions to my desktop. The General finds it a convenient spot for mail that she deems important, but doesn’t want to handle. Before I get into a world of trouble, I have to confess that the General pays all of the bills. I think of myself as the funding stream, but she’d probably suggest that I’m delusional. I know, I know, “My money is her money”. She handles the bills and the taxes and I get the privilege of sorting through anything she doesn’t want to deal with. She would be the first to suggest that there is “precious little” that I have to manage. She speaks the truth. Of course, I’m thinking: “Kudos to me for being that openly honest and transparent”. Truth is, I am the object of a sheltered workshop environment that the General manages day in and day out to keep me focused and productive. I am a kept man and I live a pampered life.


Looking around my desk yesterday morning after I’d straightened it the night before, I realized that I’ve got stuff that I probably should toss. For example, sixteen years ago when I left the previous agency where I worked, a dear friend presented me with a small metal clock. It is a 2-¾ inch square. Across the bottom are the words: “thanks for the time.” Seeing the clock triggers a memory of that friendship and the reminder that I’ve always had the good fortune of working with people I really enjoy.


Looking at the clock Saturday morning, I focused on something other than the words inscribed at the bottom of the clock. I focused on the fact that the clock’s face doesn’t reflect the correct time. Truth be told, it probably hasn’t reflected the correct time for the past fifteen years. I never look at the clock in order to find out the time. I look at the clock to see the inscription and remember the friendship.


Now that I’ve noticed that the clock doesn’t reflect the correct time, my OCD won’t allow me to keep it on display. I guess it is a good thing it has taken me fifteen years to notice. However, I do remember that it was working when I placed it on my desk. I’m not making this up. I remember setting the clock on my desk and treasuring the words inscribed at the bottom.


I won’t go into details regarding my attempts to get the back off the clock yesterday in order to access the battery. I will tell you that “thanks for the time” is not the only engraving on the clock. “Made In China” is stamped on the back. I should know, I spent fifteen minutes attempting to remove the back plate yesterday morning. Consequently, when that proved unsuccessful, I resolved to toss the clock.


No sooner had I made that resolve than the lights came on in my head. What if the clock is like the Waterford Crystal clock we have in the dinning room. To change the battery on that clock, you simple lift the clock face out of the casing. Wouldn’t you know it? The same system works for the “made in china” clock.


On Friday evening after I got my office in presentable condition. I walked from room-to-room in our home. I was on a mission. What could I change to make the room look better? It took a lot of work, but our bedroom is now located in the front of the house where the dining room previously had been. Of course, we changed the dining room to the library a few weeks back. I guess in our house, nothing stays the same.


If you’re still reading, nothing I said about moving furniture is really true. I just added the paragraph to get the General attention in the unlikely event that she reads today’s blog. I thought it would be a subtle way to let her know she’s missed and needs to come home.


Actually, I did walk room-to-room through our home. It was not my intent to change things around. I walked from room-to-room to quickly scan the room to see if there were any clocks that didn’t reflect the correct time. I found several. I wasn’t surprised that some of the clocks that require winding were not reflecting the correct time. I simply have neglected to wind them. The battery operated clocks were all reflecting close to the same time. For some, I failed to make the needed adjustment when day light savings time came to an end.


Getting back to my “thank you for the time” clock, one of the things I resolved to do yesterday morning is to reach out to some folks who’ve contributed to my sense of well being and thank them for the time. I can’t deny it; my life is and has been good because of the kindness of others. I have perpetually had the good fortune of being surrounded by positive uplifting folks who have provided me the gift of friendship and encouragement. Don’t get me wrong; occasionally there have been a few EGR (extra grace required) people who shared space with me as well. But overall, I have been blessed a thousand times beyond my deserving.


What about you? Are there some people that you need to reach out to simply to say: “Thank you for the time?” Thanksgiving really doesn’t happen unless we live with a sense of gratitude for all that we have been given.


For those of you who routinely read my blog and share a part of your morning with me, “Thank you for your time.”


All My Best!



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