The years go by quickly. Yesterday was my daughter’s 36th birthday. Early yesterday morning I sent her a text asking if the General and I could take her and Kevin to lunch or dinner? Yesterday was a holiday for me and a regular “no commitment/nothing ventured, nothing gained” day for the General. Our daughter responded that she’d get back to me on my invitation when she figured out what their day looked like. Later she texted me that dinner worked best. Since it was her birthday, I provided her the prerogative of choosing both the restaurant and the time. I texted back that we’d pick them up and I met even make arrangements for a driver, depending in Kevin’s willingness to drive. Did I mention Andrea’s perception of my driving is sometimes a concern to her?


When the General awakened to greet the day, she asked about my plans for the morning? I told her I needed to make a run to Home Depot to purchase supplies to make-ready our outdoor water pipes for the winter. I also mentioned that I wanted to visit a friend scheduled for brain surgery. Without pausing to fully assess my need to visit our friend, she responded, “That isn’t going to take you all day”. She then framed a question to put me on notice of how she surmised we’d spend the day. “What if you and I plan to walk through the house and inventory the things that we need to get rid off before our children are faced with the task? She then identified a closet she wanted us to focus on. What a bleak thought associated to the beginning of a New Year.


Did I mention that the General is more practical, structured, focused and goal directed than I am? I don’t have to check something off of a “To Do” list. Then again, I don’t make a list every day and she does. My goal is generally to find the adventure and enjoyment of the day. Hers on the other-hand is more attuned to successfully rising to any occasion or challenge. She isn’t one of those people who can put off until tomorrow what she could do today. Trust me, left to her discretion she can provide me an assigned task to accompany every day. I’m glad I don’t work for her. I really don’t need that kind of structure.


Later yesterday morning when I visited with our friend, I was a bit taken back from the overview he provided regarding his surgery. He said the doctor has been very thorough and that he also has carefully explained the risks. Incidentally, his surgery is talking place later this morning. Please remember him in your prayers. He shared that one of the risks carries the outcome of total paralysis. The very thought knocked the breath out of me. Without the surgery his days are numbered and they don’t include many. I guess you could say he is between a rock and a hard place.


As we visited, we discussed how quickly life seems to fly by. His has been a pursuit filled with adventure. Across the years, he has had any number of motorcycles. He likes traveling on two wheels with the wind blowing in his face. He shared a few stories of traveling at speeds that definitely fall into the category of death defying. His is also a faith walk resting in the assurances of God’s sustaining grace. Consequently, he is anticipating the outcome will be a new lease on life rather than the beginning of the end. That being said, he has no guarantees other than the promise of Christ who said: “I will never leave you or forsake you.” I left there knowing that he appreciated my visit. I certainly valued the time we shared together.


Whether she got it from her mother or from me, Andrea grew up with the concept: “If you want it done right, do it yourself.” She later texted me that the restaurant she selected was closed because of the holiday. Consequently she wanted to make dinner for the four of us.


Throughout the day, my thoughts alternated between my friend having surgery and my daughter celebrating her birthday. When we arrived for dinner, the appetizer looked absolutely incredible. Andrea operates on the notion that presentation is everything. Actually, the appetizer was a meal within itself.


It was both amazing and predictable. So was the dinner. Andrea is always cooking for other people. She considers the skill a gift from God. She is good at it and she often uses that gift to bless others. Interestingly, Kevin has the same gift. Conjointly, they are a team that cannot be beaten related to any dining venue.


In addition to the birthday gift we had selected for Andrea, the General ran across a couple of treasures from the past she thought Andrea might enjoy. Guess where she found them? Interestingly, she ran across them as she was inventorying stuff that we needed to eliminate from the shelves in our home. How about an 8×10 picture of George Straight taken about twenty-eight to thirty years ago? Until last night, I didn’t know that the General had taken the kids (Craig and Andrea) and a neighbor to see George Straight at the Erwin Center when Andrea was in the second or third grade. She (Andrea) insisted on purchasing a picture of George Strait.


I guess some things never change. Andrea continues to like the music of George Strait. She and Kevin have tickets to see and hear George Strait in concert in Las Vegas in a couple of months. The picture of George Strait took her totally by surprise.


Secondly, she was shocked with the package that contained three Tiaras left over from her elementary school years. Andrea actually blushed when she saw them. Like I said the years go by quickly.


Ours was a fun filled relaxed evening that went by way too quickly. So did the night. I set my alarm for 3:00 a.m. I’m headed to the airport shortly. I predict it will include an adventure or two you’ll subsequent read about in a morning blog.


All My Best!





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