Six Pac Abs


I guess you could say that I’m ramping up for retirement. Between now and the time I start to exclusively begin exhausting my accrued annual leave, I’m taking some leave each week and balancing my time to devote to the job in Washington. I guess you could say that it is like having one foot in the door behind me while I’m also focused on the door in front of me.


It is like having an emotional security blanket. I haven’t fully let go of the work that has defined my life’s calling while at the same time actively devoting time and effort to get established in a different role with a broader focus. I am eager for the opportunities and challenges before me.


This morning when I sat down at my computer, I noticed a piece of unopened mail that the General had placed on my desk. Actually, the texture of the envelope caught my attention. Whatever was included in the contents of the envelope was wrapped in fine linen so to speak. It was quality paper.


The contents inside the envelope were even more precious. It was a handwritten note from a board member who had missed the board meeting when I announced my resignation and pending retirement. She lamented that it was the only board meeting in all her years of serving on the board that she’s missed. Consequently, she was very surprised to receive my letter of resignation and notification of my plans for the future.


At some level, I live with the thought that in two months, when my name is mentioned someone will respond: “Don who?” I’m mostly kidding, but maybe not. Seriously, life moves on and people tend to look forward to the exclusion of remembering the past. The board member kindly wrote: “Your knowledge, experience and expertise are beyond duplication and your humor – well, that speaks for itself…It has been a tremendous joy and delight to work with you and you will be missed beyond description.” She said of my new retirement related work assignment: “Our loss is their gain.”


Having “humor” lumped in with that which is memorable is music to my heart. I tell people that nonsense is my spiritual gift. Honestly, it is without effort that my comments often solicit laughter. I’d rather leave folks laughing than crying.


At any rate, I came home from Houston yesterday and discovered the General had gone the second and third mile in preparing dinner for a king. She actually gave me a heads-up to check on the pork tenderloin in the oven. She was involved in the children’s program at church and would be home shortly after 7:00 p.m. She didn’t want the pork tenderloin to be over-cooked. Consequently, would I mind probing with a meat thermometer and take the meat out of the oven when it reached 110?


Long story short, “Don’t ask a man to do what he is incapable of doing.” How did I know the thermometer was set on “c” rather than “f” and that at best I was nowhere close to the right neighborhood in getting the correct reading on the thermometer. Fortunately, the General and Andrea and Kevin arrived in the nick of time.  Had they been any later, dinner might have resembled a burnt offering.


Kevin is sly like a fox. Actually, he is the fall-guy to orchestrate the agenda he’s been given by either the General or my daughter. He began the conversation with: “What are you going to do in the morning since you don’t have to go to work?” Without giving me time to respond to the question, he said: “I’ve got a great way in mind for you to begin your day.”


Okay, so was the General’s preparation of a “feast for a king” dinner an actual retirement celebration or was this a mini-intervention? The physical fitness guru’s surrounding me are killing me. How many times do I have to say: “Thanks but no thanks” before they get it?” I am not going to sign-on for this 10-week physical fitness program. For one thing, I don’t yet have the time. I still have one foot in the door behind me at work and it is not located in the Dripping Springs neighborhood.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m honored that my inclusion is the group is wanted. Unfortunately, timing is everything and this is not the time. Before I went to bed last night, I made a mental note to check on Silver Sneaker locations and other physical fitness programs. Okay, so I’m frugal. Why not let my health insurance pay for the proactive health and wellness kick?


The General is a lot like a die-hard battery. She never gives up! The last thing I remember hearing her say last night before I drifted off to sleep was: “I hope you’ll come to the gym in the morning and just try it out. You don’t have to join, but you don’t really know what you’re missing.”


Actually, I do know what I’m missing. Trust me on this.  I’d like to have six-pack abs and bulging muscles. In fact, if I had a little more muscle to show on my arms, I might be tempted to wrap one arm with a barbed-wire tattoo. As it is, I’m not going there. For one thing, I don’t fare well with needles. Secondly, tattoos are forever and you don’t have the option of changing your mind once you’ve gone down that street. Thirdly, why would I want to call attention to the fact that I could use more muscle on my arm? Needless to say, the tattoo would be understated.


Just so you know I’m processing all of this cognitively and not just dismissing it because I don’t want to do it. I do want to improve my exercise regime and/or the way I look. Just this morning, I made this discovery:


6 Ways To Get Ripped 6 Pack Abs

  • Rule 1 Eat Enough Protein. Protein will help you build lean muscle as well as burn body fat. …
  • Related Video Different Types Of Protein! …
  • Rule 2 Eat Post-Workout Carbs. …
  • Rule 3 Eat Healthy Fats. …
  • Rule 4 Focus On Your Diet. …
  • Rule 5 Stop Doing Thousands Of Crunches. …
  • Rule 6 Use Smarter Cardio Methods”.


So, let me put you on notice. You may not recognize me the next time you see me. Who knows, with 6-pac abs I may decide that shirts are optional. How’s that for a thought?


Don’t worry, it’s not going to happen.


All My Best!



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