I Get It – It Is Not A Big Deal


My truck is approaching the fifth anniversary of mostly being pampered and carefully stored in the vault. When I bought it, the General pronounced it as my last truck and suggested the need for me to take good care of it. It was another of example of her stating the obvious or providing a directive while I was already engaged in the activity. Okay, so she can’t help herself. I get it! It is not a big deal.


Now that Craig’s family lives within two to two and a half hours of us, almost with the ease of going to the grocery store, we head their direction to take advantage of watching the kids grow up. For the past eleven days, the General has been in Cat Spring. I actually dropped her off on a day trip I made to Houston. Her assistance was needed as chief cook, bottle washer and chauffer for the kids who live with the notion that if life is to be lived to the fullest, it must be lived in the midst of a very busy schedule.


Okay, so over the past couple of weeks while she has beena way, the General has developed an addiction. I guess it really isn’t her fault because the malady is highly contagious and everyone for miles around has lived with the condition for generations. The only negative impairment to one’s health is consumption of time. When it comes to eating up one’s time, Little League Baseball is a killer, but you can live with the malady.


In Sealy America, Little League Baseball is king.   What was potentially the last game of the season for William’s team was scheduled for this past Saturday in Bellville. Disappointingly, the game had to be postponed because there was standing water on the field. The game was rescheduled for last night.


The All Star team on which William plays was undefeated. They were scheduled to play again a team they previously had beaten. Their victory in that was against the odds. The other team had also been undefeated and they were like Sherman taking over Georgia. Figuratively speaking, “They were the big guns”. They also had won the championship for their age group last summer. Was it possible that the SEALY AMERCIA – ALL STAR TEAM would be this year’s winner?  There was great anticipating going into last night’s game.


Getting back to my truck, I’ve finally worn the new car smell off of it. In retirement (27 days and moving forward), it has become my primary source of transportation. Of course, I also had the General’s car available to me, but it is only a year old. You know me. You can probably predict that I didn’t want to put unnecessary miles on it. Besides that, I like driving my truck.


With the exception of my chauffeuring the General to Cat Spring, she has mostly driven her car (she could care less how many miles she puts on it) when she’s made the commute without me. Initially, she took my truck one time. When she returned she announced that she wasn’t driving it again because driving it hurt her hip. She had previously had that same experience when she drove the truck to Odessa when she went to see her mom.


Did I mention that her allegation that driving my truck hurts her hip was totally irrational? Riding in the passenger seat in my truck has never been a source of discomfort for her. Driving it, well that’s another story. Once the General gets a notion stuck in her head, there is no use trying to change her opinion. She’ll embrace her ill formed opinion until the cows come home if need be. There is no changing her mind. Any of you guys married to somone like that?


Hey I’ve had that truck for five years. I know it like the back of my hand. It is a tough Ford Truck and it is comfortable to drive. In fact, someone at church on Sunday mentioned to me that my truck was the best in the line-up of other trucks. Obviously, the affirmation had to do with the color of my truck. I think the color is called champagne.   Maybe looking at it was tantamount to acceptably raising a glass in Baptist circles.


Top of the line is descriptive of 99% of the other trucks that people drive to church where I attend. They have every bell and whistle available and high dollar is the category in which they fall. In fact, there was a new one with dealer tags still on it at church on Sunday. The owner said it had all the features with the exception of a kitchen sink.


On Sunday I looked over the lineup of trucks at church and next to Clarence’s truck, my truck is the oldest with the exception of one belonging to a high school student. Clarence is a kind and thoughtful senior citizen who lives less than a mile from church. His old Dodge pickup looks as though it has been around the block a time or two, but it still gets Clarence where he needs to go. I think the only place he drives it is to church.



Do I ever find myself wanting a new truck? After all, mine still looks new even though it is five years old. It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles, but it serves my purposes and the body style has only changed slightly.


Yesterday afternoon as I headed to Cat Spring, I had only gotten as far as Dripping Springs when I noticed a truck in my rear view mirror. I could tell it was a new truck because there was a red shiny tag in the front were a license plate is intended to be. It was a Ford, but the grill was different than mine. I was trying to ascertain the color. The color was amazing. Do you ever look in the rearview mirror and see something that catches your eye and there is a hint of envy? I had that experience yesterday looking at the new truck behind me. I was hoping it would go around me so I could pay closer attention to the color. I guess you could say I was in the midst of distracted driving although it had nothing to do with my phone.


Finally, at the last traffic light, my truck and the new one were sitting side-by-side. I carefully looked the truck over. The color was champagne. In my head, I raised a glass of envy. After all, that truck was new and the grillwork looked awesome. I could also tell from looking that it had all the bells and whistles. Isn’t that the way envy works? Truth be told, sitting side by side, there was absolutely no discernable difference between the two trucks. They looked identical.


Getting back to the baseball game, I suspected the game would be called due to rain. Probably, in most instances it would have been, but in this area of the country nothing takes precedence like an All STAR baseball game. So there were two game delays due to rain, but rain or shine the mandate is to PLAY BALL! At the end of the game, William’s team (which was previously undefeated) had now lost their first game. However, the team they were playing and had previously beaten had also lost a game. Tonight one thing is for sure: “Rain or shine, the playing field will be surrounded by fans cheering on their team.”


The General and I got home well beyond our bedtime last night. It was well after midnight. In addition, I found that the last eighty miles where the hardest. It wasn’t that I was overly sleepy, but in pain. Driving my truck hurt my hip. I couldn’t get comfortable. Maybe the General is right. Right or wrong, she predictably won’t be encouraging me to get a new truck.  Only time will tell.


All My Best!



2 thoughts on “I Get It – It Is Not A Big Deal”

  1. I Get it – I got it: Your truck model is “Super Duty” ~ Perfect for you and the General. You’ll never need to by another for it already has all the bells and whistles.

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