It Was A Real Treat


Did I mention that my son and his family don’t watch HGTV? At least they didn’t while I was in their home. That’s not to say they live in a television free environment. They don’t. They even have a wall-mounted television outside on the patio near the pool. I haven’t yet figured that one out. I guess you could say, “I’m old school”. Electricity and water seems like the formula for a perfect mix-up that might not end well. On the other hand, were that true, it would be a memorable ending.


While Craig was grilling steaks Saturday night, I noticed the outside television was turned on. I mean, after all, who’d want to miss a ball game? Okay, I’m fairly certain that it was a baseball game and not football. Beyond that, I couldn’t tell you the name of team that was playing, the color of their uniforms or whether the game was tied or even close. Actually, that would reflect more interest than I really had to invest. However, the time shared in Craig’s home was very pleasant.


Truthfully, we weren’t outside long. Craig follows my formula for a twelve-minute perfect steak. The ingredients include seasoning (old family recipe – I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you) followed by six minutes on each side for a perfect steak! Of course, if you prefer your steak really rare, you’d detest the experience. The same is true if you have a hankering for well done. This recipe falls somewhere in the middle. Of course to get it right, you need a really hot grill.


Craig mentioned my parents Saturday evening as he was getting the steaks ready to put on the grill. He said that when my folks came to visit them in Virginia, he had purchased an expensive cut of meat and he couldn’t bring himself to burn it. Consequently, he apologized in advance to my folks by telling them he wasn’t going to make a burnt offering out of their dinner. Consequently, they were in for a new experience.


Following our meal, that proved to be delicious on Saturday, we were in for another treat, so-to-speak. “Treat”- Isn’t that something you give to a dog? We were going to watch a movie. At least it wasn’t the Griswold Christmas Vacation! With Craig, you never know. If he likes it, he is perfectly content to watch it again and again. I doubt that it would even have to be seasonally appropriate to garner Craig’s attention. Reportedly, Becky picked this movie out. It was entitled “A Dog’s Purpose”.


Five minutes into the movie, I had a sense of where this was going. Had Andrea and Kevin finally passed the ball on to Craig and Becky? If there was an upside, at least they had finally given up if they had. I am not giving in and getting another dog. I’d soon teach Craig and Becky the same lesson if they pushed my buttons on the dog issue. We’ve been there. We’ve done that. We are not going to do it again. How difficult is that to comprehend, accept and support?


Of course, if they think I’m challenging now, just wait until we have the “give me your car keys” discussion. Trust me, I will win on that one too. I’m old enough to know what works for me and what doesn’t. Did I mention that one of Craig and Becky’s dogs crawled up in my lap and wanted to lick my face. I’m not doing that! Of course, my anxiety rose a little when Becky said: “Lennie doesn’t usually do that. He must really like you. He has been known to try to bite.” Oh, yes, I remember both of their original rescue dogs. Of course, how could I forget them? They still have them. When we took care of the kids and the dogs for them when they were in North Carolina, I named one of them Adorable and the other one More Adorable.


Now that they have four dogs, I’m not even going to try to remember their names. So what if they have big hearts and lots of space. Can you imagine the veterinarian bills for four canine creatures? To suggest that someone has gone to the dogs doesn’t sound flattering. Well, it is what it is. I still don’t want one to call my own.


As it turned out, there was no altar call or any reference to our need for a dog when the movie was over. They didn’t even mention that my unbendable resolute demeanor was unfair to the General. As it turned out, my anticipated fear was for naught. The movie? Well the movie was a real tearjerker of sorts and then it took a turn I didn’t see coming. How about five reincarnations as different dog breeds and genders? Of course, in the end, the dog had come full circle and was back to his old tricks. Like I said, it was a real tear jerker with a surprise ending.


You’ll have to see the movie to know what I’m talking about. In fact, I need to recommend the movie to my brother in Oklahoma. This is an absolute must see for Larry and Kay both. They would absolutely love the movie!!! I’d suggest that Larry really doesn’t like dogs, but he is married to a dog lover and she isn’t as well trained as the General. He is stuck with two dogs whether he likes it or not.


I talked to the General last night and she seemed really pleased that I was getting an opportunity to visit with Craig’s family in their location of choice. Of course, she’s spent an inordinate amount of time in Cat Spring over the past year and is very much at home with it. I don’t guess I had realized it before, but back when I was working, my visits were simply drop-by “hi and bye” visits. This definitely feels better.


I’m very much at home here. The same is true at Andrea and Kevins. Forget getting an RV. That fantasy falls somewhere in the category of getting a dog. We could sell the house and go back and forth between our kids. It would ensure our golden years are golden and we wouldn’t have to do a thing but enjoy their home cooked meals and canine creatures. Oops, I just spoiled it. I think I’ll stay in my dog free environment and visit outside my comfort zone as often as I can.


All My Best!



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