Dressed for Success


I need to choose my words carefully. For that matter, I need to be fairly selective with the number of words I select to use. Some folks think I write well, but it would be better if it could be read in a lot less time. It wasn’t that I was a stranger to that concept. I’ve heard that constructive criticism before.


I was a little shocked when a reader confided he had been reposting my blog. That didn’t shock me. I was honored.  He went on to say: “I had lunch with a friend this week who enjoys reading what you’ve written when he has time to read it. Frankly, he said you write well and he enjoys the banter between us, but the thing is too darn long.” Actually, the expression he really used was “dern long” or “durn long”. Obviously the correct spelling escapes me. I had never heard the expression and when I did a Google search for either variation, Google suggested “damn long”. If I had said that my mother would have washed my mouth out with soap, so I’m going with darn.


Actually, I had a couple of thoughts when I learned my blog was being shared daily. I was grateful for the kindness of a reader to share what I had written with his friends. Isn’t the concept of “your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends” the height of real friendship? In providing me wise counsel, he suggested that far too often: “I offer too much information”. Did he really say that? Perhaps, he too, thinks the blog is “too ‘dern’ or ‘durn’ long?


He gave me an example. He asked: “Do you think it really matters to anyone that you’ve outgrown your size “36 slacks”? I countered with the question: “What are you talking about?” I didn’t outgrow the size 36, they are too big for me.” When that explanation was met with the sound of silence, I asked: “If that’s your size, I’ll be happy to send them to you.” He declined by saying: “No thanks, if you bought them at Dillard’s they’d be too nice for me to wear”.


“Oh please!” I thought. After all, this guy doesn’t wear coveralls and look like he just stepped out of the cabbage patch. He does drive a red pickup, but it is only because he likes the color. He is not a hillbilly from the back roads. I attended a training session in Tulsa once presented by a psychologist from Oklahoma City. He dressed in blue denim coveralls while the rest of us were wearing a coat and tie. Reportedly, he dressed that way to see if his appearance would have an impact our level of interest or our openness in hearing what he had to say. Frankly, I thought the explanation was a scam. He probably really enjoyed the “loose fit”, otherwise why would he have the straps that came over the back of his shoulders buckled to the part that covered his chest?


So, moving quickly along, my second thought related to the expressed thought that my blogs are too long, I wondered about the setting in which they are being read. Honestly, sitting at a traffic light and choosing to read my blog while waiting for the light to change is not the best venue. For one thing, there really isn’t enough time. Secondly, it is a good way to get run over.


Many other thoughts come to mind, but I’ll save them for later. In deference to the suggestion that has been made, I’ll cut today’s blog short. But I suspect tomorrow’s blog will make up for lost space.


All My Best!