From Long Ago


I am often asked if the General is supportive of my writing a daily blog? Initially, I have to admit that was the $64,000.00 question. After all, in order for me to invest the time to chronicle the nonsense that sometimes surfaces in the reflections of a day, it easily takes a couple of hours to craft the message, find an appropriate picture and ensure that the message is posted on three different websites.


Seriously, if my writings weren’t being read, I’d probably throw in the towel and determine to do something different with my time. The numbers of people who reportedly read my blog often amazes me. In addition to Facebook, Weebly is the platform that I have used the longest []. If you have any interest in going back to the beginning of my literary journal, Weebly is the platform that chronicles everything that I’ve written on my daily quest to capture the adventure or to reflect a memory.


I don’t remember how many years ago I added the WordPress platform to the mix, but I did so because it provides readers an opportunity to subscribe to the blog’s distribution. Consequently it is delivered daily into their user mailbox.


Yesterday I took note of the statistics regarding readership that came my way via Weebly. For the week I had 314 unique visitors and they read 3,966 pages. This isn’t the first time I’ve had that kind of readership, but it is always a feel-good for me to know that folks invest the time to read more than my daily posting.


Across the years, I can think of less than a handful of times anything I’ve written has been perceived as offensive enough for someone to bring it to my attention. Never ever is it my intent to promote anything other than a laugh or a serious pondering of something meaningful with one of my blogs. I know some of you are thinking, “That’s got to be a joke”. Okay, I’ll hand it to you, my blog is good for a lot more laughs than serious ponderings.  Hopefully it is perceived as a nice alternative to the daily news or fake news, depending on where you turn for the script to read with your morning coffee.


So did I come close to offending my two children yesterday with my blog entitled “Up For Grabs?” My closing line may have come dangerously close? I made the assertion: “I’m sure we will figure it out, but I don’t anticipate our kids are going to want our extensive collection of old photographs. For that matter, I don’t anticipate they are going to want much of anything else”.


Of course, their private responses that came my way via text messaging was good for a laugh or two following my daughter’s initial response that gave me pause of concern. She wrote: “Ouch Dad! Your blog isn’t totally accurate…” My initial thought was: “What did I write that could be interrupted as an “ouch”? I was clueless. Actually, the General would say that is my modus operandi.


I immediately went back and re-read the blog to figure it out what could have been interrupted as offensive. By the time I had done so, my son had weighed into the mix. He wrote: “After reading today’s blog, I’m heading to Henly with a case of blue stickers.” For years the kids have joked they needed to use color- coded stickers to indicate what they might want after we’re gone.


My daughter countered immediately: “You are too late! My commute was only five minutes”. The General weighed in on the discussion by adding: “Bring it on. Andrea you do have a point! Craig summed it up with: “Y’all are funny. There is much that would look great in our house.”


It is interesting what the kids have expressed an interest in having one day. Years ago, Craig mentioned that one day he would like to have my paternal grandfather’s pocket watch when I no longer needed it. Once when Granddaddy and Granny came to visit us in Austin, he took his watch out of his pocket and said: “Don, I’m giving you this. I want you to have it.” I was shocked! What was I going to do with a pocket watch?


Within the next two weeks, I figured it out. I placed the watch along with a picture of my grandparents in a shadowbox frame and hung it in a prominent place in a grouping of pictures. The next time Grandaddy came to visit, he noticed the pocket watch hanging on the wall. He cautioned me that someone would steal it, but that never happened. Seriously?


Over the course of the next forever, I hung the shadow box frame in ten different homes. By the time we moved to our current home in Henly (sixteen and a half years ago), I had the thought maybe it was time to pass the watch on to Craig. He was teary-eyed when I did so. His tears prompted my tears and the watch has been a gift he has cherished ever since.


Periodically, whenever either of our kids have indicated an interest in having something of ours in the future, our response has generally been “take it now”. Most recently, Andrea indicated an interest in a pair of wire-cutters that had belonged to my granddad. I had them hanging with a grouping of pictures. The next week, I moved to wire-cutters to a grouping of pictures in her home.  It makes me feel good to see them in her home.


Andrea also has a collection of my dad’s pipes. He smoked them mid-life and when he no longer needed them, I opted to take them. My younger brother declined. Consequently, I had two sets of pipe holders filled with pipes. The one I still have in my home is a pipe rack I made for him in woodshop in the 7th grade.


Of course, we don’t anticipate permanently vacating the premises anytime soon, but you never know. Now I’m feeling guilty. If we don’t get rid of the stuff, our kids will probably never be able to part with it. Why does life had to be so complicated? I think I need a vacation.


All My Best!