Timing Is Everything


They say that timing is everything and so far today mine has seemed out of sync.  Despite my resolve to steer clear of early morning flights out of Austin, I obviously don’t always follow through with what logically seems like my best interest. When the alarm went off at 3:30 a.m. today, I felt anything but rested.


So the rush was on. I had not packed my luggage the night before. I had busied myself with completing some forms on my computer that would be past due if I waited until I returned from Washington.  Why not get that out of my way before the last minute?


As I drove to the airport this morning, I remembered the wise counsel I had provided my son. I told him they were too busy. That sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. Who knows, maybe it is contagious? Perhaps both my son and I  get it from my youngest grandson.  He recently told the General that he was going to play soccer this summer. Last year he opted not to participate in something and he had never been so bored.  By the way, the soccer will be in addition to baseball. There is a community expectation that everyone play ball.  Besides that, he likes it and he is good at it.


So, what would my morning blog look like? I wondered myself as I drove to the airport.  It occurred to me that I could use a very recent experience related to interaction with the General. I subsequently, thought it was hilarious; however that was only after I had substantiated that she doesn’t know everything.


I recently was in a meeting with a friend who had arrived in a new truck.  I commented on the truck and said: “I really like the color.”  He responded: “Thanks – the color really saved me some money”. He had gone to the Ford dealership with the intent of purchasing a new white truck. The salesperson asked if he’d be interested in blue if he could save some money.  Reportedly, they were overstocked on blue trucks and it was the end of the quarter.  If he bought blue truck, it  would be anything but a blue day in his world.  Would you believe they discounted the vehicle $17,500.00?


I’m not making this up. When I told the General the story she automatically defaulted to: “If it sounds too good to be true, it isn’t”.  The General naturally assumed I got the story wrong.  She looked at me and said: “He didn’t tell you that!  You don’t half hear anything.  He may have gotten a $1,700.00 discount, but I can assure you he didn’t get a $17,500.00 discount.”


Okay, I get it.  The discount did sound too good to be true, but “God as my witness”, he said they discounted the truck $17,500.00. Fortunately, I also had another witness. The next time we were in the presence of our son-in-law, I asked: “Kevin – What kind of discount did David say he was provided for buying the blue truck?”  Without having to give it any thought, Kevin responded: “He said, ‘$17,500.00’”.  I looked at the General and said: “You obviously were wrong. I knew that I had heard him correctly.


Of course, had I been in the General’s shoes, I would have made the same deduction. No one discounts a new truck by $17,500.  However, I’m going to be on the look-out. My truck is nearing $36,000 miles and I always trade at 40,000.


I made my way to the airport this morning in my truck and had the thought, “I don’t need a new truck. This one still looks and drives like new.”  I was a little surprised when I arrived at the airport at 5:15 a.m. and found myself in a traffic jam. The traffic jam was the three lines of vehicles attempting to get a ticket and access  long-term parking.  So what was the hold–up?  I didn’t figure it out, but I was car four in a line in my lane.


I am a little anxious about where I parked my truck. It wasn’t that I had a lot of choice.  I parked where the parking lot attendant told me to park. Initially, I thought he was directing me to the space in front of the space where I subsequently got re-directed.  Had I been able to say where I initially parked, I would have been headed the right direction when I pulled out.  As it turned out, there was still a vacant space in the next row. It was his intent that I take that one.


Okay, I’m use to the General making suggestions too good to pass up, why not let the parking lot attendant have that kind of control in my life? I begrudgingly  pulled to the next row and parked where I was told.  I did so thinking, “Hello Houston, we’ve got a problem. The vehicle parked in front of mine was encroaching on my space.  The driver had not pulled in far enough and his vehicle was taking up space that should have been mine.  Unfortunately, the driver was no longer in his vehicle and my truck was hanging over into what should have been the aisle for cars to get in and out.


So how close could I get without bumping into the car parked in front of mine? I got out of my vehicle a couple of times to ensure I was as close as I could get without my bumper touching the car in front. I still wasn’t comfortable with the parking situation, but it was totally out of my hands.  I locked my car and boarded the shuttle bus headed to the terminal.


Fortunately, once inside the crowd seemed nonexistent. I made it through PSA Pre-check in record-breaking speed.  I am off to Washington, D.C. with a number of appointments to keep.  Like my grandson, I would be bored to death if I didn’t have this opportunity, but sometimes I would prefer not to be quite so rushed.


All My Best!